Sunday, August 21, 2011

Read somewhere

I've read somewhere that there are life events that can really stress or depress a person. Here's a list of the most common:

1) Moving
2) Loss- of life or relationship
3) Marriage
4) Birth of Child or pregnancy
5) Job Change
6) Health problems

Looking at the list, I see that I've been dealing with a few of these things. It's no wonder I'm so out of sorts. My body does not handle stress very well. I get head aches and vomit feeling and cry a lot. I did okay the first week, but I was waiting for the shoe to drop because honestly nobody can handle all these things at once without showing some amount of stress. Hubby shows his by letting it leak out slowly over time. I just get it all over and done with at once, which isn't pleasant for the rest of the family, I know. Sorry guys. :(

Our unpacking is going really really slow. Everything that is essential is already done and has been. Now we've been working on the rest, which is proving to be painful. Hubby got some shelving for the entertainment center but he got it cut too big (which is better than too small) so he's having to trim up the shelves. Then the pegs he got don't fit so we can't install all the shelves since the unit doesn't have all the necessary pegs. But we did baby proof it and you can watch movies on Netflix (or play the Wii) so it's a slow process. We can't unpack dvds yet.

We haven't unpacked books because Hubby wants to wait until we can clear out the stuff we've been stuffing into the book cases and put those items some place. Mostly it's tools and cords.

After that it's trying to figure out where to hang pictures and which ones since we have less wall space that isn't occupied by furniture. I do have quite the collection of small picture frames that I took down once HB was mobile that can go on the tall pieces.

So as you can imagine, I don't plan on taking any pictures for a while. I'm guessing sometime in September if all goes well.

Hubby has also been working out bike issues. He's tricked his bike out with a basket, a portable air pump, and a water bottle holder. He also bought some clothing since he gets real sweaty biking into work. Supposedly it helps with that. The issues he ran into were dealing with the bolts on his bicycle. He didn't have the right size wrench and the bolts were becoming smooth. To replace a bicycle bolt you can't go just anywhere. You have to buy it at a bike shop. So after buying the basket he realized later that he needed to go back and get the bolts.

Slow going to say the least.

So dealing with staring at boxes that I can't unpack because sawing particle board shelving with a toddler lurking is a big no no, I feel a bit helpless. I suppose I could go run errands, but that also takes the wind out of my sails and Hubby prefers to get those "manly" supplies himself. Understandable since he can actually get up and down better than myself as well as position himself more strategically in tight spots. Therefore he knows what he's looking for.

But anyways...Hubby sent me this link to a PBS show discussing the US's distribution of wealth. I want to point out that the show is talking about the distribution among classes not that we're a poor nation. The biggest point they made was that most people don't realize the disparity because where they live everyone has the same income. But I saw it today or rather in contrast.

The big church is...well...big. But it's also nice inside with air conditioning and carpet. There's a school, a rectory, the office (drat those people). The parking lot is nice and big. It's middle class. Nothing over the top ornate but classy. The small neighborhood parish which incidently is closer and in my zip code, is all minority. The floor was partly tiled and partly concrete. There was no air conditioning; they used fans. The benches were very old and chipped. They looked like old benches of another parish. The parking lot was tiny so we parked on the street. No landscaping around the church. It looked like the typical parish in what I imagine would be a poor neighborhood. Which makes me wonder if we are living in the poor area or on the outskirts. But no matter.

We live within the boundary for both parishes. They are probably about 5 miles between the two. The fancy parish has all kinds of activities and charities etc, but yet their sister parish is falling apart. Why isn't the wealthier of the parish helping out? I imagine they can do something simple like hold a donation drive or offer to fix the flooring or get some sort of AC. It in a word bothers me. And I'm sure the wealthy parish has no idea. I know I wouldn't if I hadn't stepped foot in there. I'm sure I'm not the only anglo that realized their error, but how many stayed or even went inside briefly? I'm not sure what to do about it. I'm totally new to the area so what do I do?

The point is that there is a wealth distribution problem even between parishes in a single diocese even within a few miles of each other. And somehow that feels wrong.

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