Sunday, August 14, 2011

This Sunday

So we went to the "new" church. It's a bit circular which took me by surprised. I walked in and completely was taken aback. Here is this rather large church was the tabernacle in all it's shining glory. I haven't been in a church (except for visits) that kept Jesus front and center and made it so obvious. Sometimes he's off to the side. Other times he's in a side chapel. Nope. Here was our Lord and Savior saying "Surprise!" Kinda overwhelmed me.

They are definitely more traditional than my last church (aka the Happy Clappy Church). They bowed during the Profession of Faith, which I've never seen before except during Lent. They all waited until Jesus was returned to his home before sitting back (or down some were standing). They also didn't replace the words "Lord, I am not worthy to receive you..." with "In the breaking of the bread we shall know him." Both are Biblical, but I'm not sure the second one is a Church approved alternative. I don't suppose that it should have surprised me. The Bishop in this area is known for being traditional and strict with his diocese.

The odd thing, though, was they had a praise band. It was all Catholic stuff, but different. They even had a drummer plexiglassed. And to top off my "well, now" meter they sang two of the Ordinary of the Mass in Latin (Agnus Dei and something else I can't remember). But it wasn't chant or even hymn-like. It was praise band like. Still scratching my head.

No cry room, but the entrance has glass doors (and a baptismal font). So a lot of parents hung out around there letting their children walk around. Or they were in the back of the church. I think they have a nursery. We may have to use it if going to the back becomes a habit. There's no way I can juggle a restless toddler with an infant.

People were dressed either business casual or casual. Although most people were business casual. The parish also appears to be very politically involved. The bulletin has a letter from the parish priest discussing his thoughts about the recent recommendation to mandate birth control coverage for insurance companies. They also have the local pro-life college chapter thingy get up and talk about volunteering or donating.

Are we going to join? I suppose so. There is a parish that is closer, but from what I can tell, smaller. Hubby has already told me that if we're going to get involved in a church it should be with peers. He's tired of dinners with older people. So on Tuesday (their office is closed Monday) or Wednesday most likely Wednesday I'll go to the office and bug the workers and fill out a registration form. The parish is young and there were a number of families so....

How was the hunt for furniture? Stayed within budget. Hubby went to a used furniture place and got what he was looking for. It's functional, he said, but you probably won't like the way it looks. Two of the pieces appear to have been made by someone so they are sanded and sealed but nothing else. Bland in other words. The other, the dinning room set, he got because it's supposed to seat six but only has five chairs. No problem. We only need four. If it becomes a problem later, it's easy enough to find new chairs. If it works, it works. I'm not going to be picky.

Also did laundry which was different. Our apartment has a laundry room which contains 8 washers and 8 dryers. I washed 3 loads of laundry in an hour and half. Whereas before I had to wash clothes one group at a time. The downer is it's more expensive to wash by 50 cents. The other positive thing is that these are nice commercial washers/dryers. Our washer broke shortly before we left. Both it and the dryer limped along.

And that was my Sunday.

Tomorrow I plan on implementing the weekly routine as best as possible for HB and myself. The furniture is supposed to be delivered tomorrow afternoon. So we'll see what happens.

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