Friday, August 12, 2011


I'm totally tired. We went to the apartment's office and got a bunch of repairs done. I set up all of the kitchen and the bathroom. But I'm at an em-pass. I can't really do much more until Hubby gets his work office stuff out of the house and until we get some furniture. Namely an office desk, an entertainment center thingy, and a dining room table and chairs. I can, however, organize HB's huge collection of toys and decide what things that are currently piling up in my closet (Christmas decor and that sort of thing) to put into his closet. Hubby's of the opinion of just open the box pull out anything we can put away and stuff the rest into the closet, but I like to go ahead and organize everything. So I guess tomorrow we'll either go look at furniture and/or organize all the toys and HB's closet and unpack his cloth diapers (we've been using disposables since we didn't have access to laundry detergent).

Sorry I've been talking about unpacking, but that's literally all I've been doing.

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