Thursday, August 25, 2011

Victory over Medical Care

The title is ambiguous on purpose because I believe that what the legislatures are doing has actually helped the overall health care of women seeking an abortion. It's also, of course, helped the pro-life movement. It's a small victory for pro-life, but a giant one for women's health.

In Texas, they have voted to stop giving money to Planned Parenthood. As a result, a number of places have been shut down.

In Arizona, several locations will not be performing abortions. Recently, the courts upheld a law protecting the health rights of women. Previously, women were receiving abortions performed by nurses rather than doctors. They also weren't meeting with a doctor prior to the procedure.

The use of nurses rather than doctors and not even meeting with a doctor prior to the appointment was oh so scary. These were surgical abortions (not just chemically induced). When I had my wisdom teeth removed, I met with the surgeon prior to the actual surgery. He looked over my medical records and then explained that I could wait or go ahead. After deciding it would be easier to have them removed sooner, he explained exactly what would happen during the surgery. And this was for an out-patient procedure to remove my teeth. Why are surgical abortions treated in the same way by Planned Parenthood since they view the unborn as a blob? Nope. They were being stream lined.

Since the enforcement of these new laws, Planned Parenthood has had to stop providing abortions in three towns and a few other clinics in Phoenix and Tucson. They say they simply don't have enough doctor's willing to perform the procedure. (Okay, maybe procedure is too clinical a term. But I'm too tired to think of something more gruesome to say).

I want you, my dear readers, to realize that these clinics will still be open, but simply won't be performing abortions. This doesn't mean that something fishy could happen. Nor does this mean that Planned Parenthood will stop dishing out birth control pills like candy to teenagers without their parent's consent (or with it as I understand it). It's just a small victory, as I said, for the pro-life, pro-family values.

The most important thing to note about this tiny victory is that women will be better protected. They will be able to speak to a doctor and have a doctor doing the surgery. They also will be given a 24 waiting period, which is good for women who are feeling pressured into the abortion. Plus they may have to go to another town.

It's note worthy, but as I said, Planned Parenthood isn't going away in Arizona. Now Texas, well with the lack of funds, it seems that several clinics will be out of the business. Good riddance.

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