Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We're in a Hotel

This has been the last couple days....

Monday- My MIL flies in and arrives in the afternoon. After that she entertains HB upstairs. We end up taking them over to a friend's who's gone for the week. We spend the night up until 11:00 packing. We herd unhappy cats into carriers and go over to friend's.

Today- We wait. First comes the Salvation Army to pick up furniture that we didn't want to move. Then not 10 minutes later the movers show up. They pack all our worldly stuffs into a truck. It takes about 3.5 hours. We load the remainder of things that we need. We grab lunch and wait for our manager to show up. We hand off keys and load up the cats and other stuffs. We get into cars and take off.

Now we're in a hotel. And tomorrow we get keys to new place and get our stuff off the truck. Then we begin to unpack.

Feelings: I hurt everywhere. And I'm really tired. Everybody's eating, but me. Nervous about craziness of learning new area. We know no one and don't know where anything else.

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