Saturday, August 6, 2011

What's been happening?

Well as you can tell we've been packing a lot. Last weekend was heck-tick. And now we have a few days to finish up everything. I think we'll have plenty of time, but both of us are tired. We take turns watching HB (since he gets into everything and there's no way to avoid because there are boxes everywhere) and packing. Hubby brought home some five boxes from work and I packed about two. Doesn't sound like I did much, but there's an even bigger box full of stuff to throw away.

We've discovered things we didn't realize that we had (random Christmas ornaments that I don't even remember receiving) and stuff we've forgotten about/misplaced. We also have some cleaning ahead of us.

Tomorrow our goal is to pack up the kitchen which should be smooth because it doesn't require to throw away junk. And then we need to go through our closet for stray nick-nacks (we recently discovered that some of hubby's nick nacks were salt/pepper shakers. He thought they were statues.) We need to pack those up and the crafts. Then we get to deal with the computer stuff.

We haven't touched HB's toys. We're not crazy enough to think we can entertain him with virtually nothing meanwhile someone is doing something more interesting (packing) in the next room.

So I won't be blogging much. We shouldn't have any internet down time though. Apparently, the previous tenets used the same service provider so it's just a matter of button pushing rather than turning the system on.

The only thing I'm concerned about is health insurance. Apparently, they passed a law that says state employees who start after a certain date have to wait 90 days. The big thing is that Hubby was hired before that start day even though he starts later. As far as we can tell, we should be fine, but we won't know for sure. So I can't make HB's 18 month check-up or my 5 month preggo appointment. We have to wait. Sucks. I think HB will be fine, but I think missing preggo appointments isn't good. We can get Cobra coverage, but that's so expensive. And we're already going to have to juggle a mortgage and rent until we can find tenets for the condo. The joys of financial purgatory.

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  1. Moving is such a trial. It seems funny that almost all of the Catholic blogs I'm following involve moving these days - somehow I knew that you all would share my faith as well as my harrowed emotional pain at having to cram a truck full of stuff and haul it far away.

    The health insurance thing sounds scary. I can't even tell you how scary my many years without it were, and I'm sure being pregnant is way more frustrating. I'll pray for you today at Mass. Also, maybe if you look around in your new area you can find a clinic of some sort to bridge the gap for that one five-month appointment - perhaps even a Catholic or really any Christian crisis pregnancy organization can point you in the right direction to a resource.


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