Sunday, August 14, 2011

Women's Right to Choose

I recently got into a discussion with a person that I would call a pro-abortionist. You see. I believe that there is just the pro-lifers and pro-choicers. I believe there is also the pro-abortionist camp. Here's the difference.

Scenario 1: Conversation with a Pro-lifer
A woman goes to her friend and announces she's pregnant. Her pro-life friend says "Congratulations!" followed by asking her if she's found an ob or mid-wife and offering to give her some hand-me-downs. The pro-lifer refers to the unborn as a child or baby. The pro-lifer cares for both the mother and child.

Scenario 2: Conversation with a Pro-Choicer
A woman goes to her friend and announces she's pregnant. The pro-choice friend asks or discerns whether this is a good or bad thing. Once that's been established she either a) engages her friend's decision to abort and helps her weigh the options or b) congratulates her or cautions her based on what she knows about the friend. The pro-choicer refers to the unborn as a baby. The pro-choicer cares for the mother and child, but mostly looks out for the welfare of the mother.

Scenario 3: Conversation with a Pro-abortionist
A woman goes to her friend and announces she's pregnant. The Pro-abortionist friend smiles and attempts to change the subject. All the while, in the back of her mind she thinks of her friend as a "breeder" and "another one?" She reasons that her friend isn't thinking clearly about global warming or over-population so she mentions these while referring to the unborn as a "zygote" or "embryo". She cares for the world (or at least the deluded liberal stuff she's been told) and her own well-being. How her friend feels isn't equated.

As you can see, it's really quite different. Pro-lifers care about the welfare of the baby and the mother including their rights to live. The pro-choicer earnestly cares about the mother and baby. Perhaps the baby will have a birth defect causing them much suffering. Or perhaps the mother has health problems. The pro-choicer (illogically) concedes out of kindness that sometimes an abortion is a necessary evil. The pro-abortionist is entirely selfish. She neither acknowledges the unborn as a baby nor the feelings of the mother. It's all about being logical and calculating. One can't have more than two children to replace their self and their husband. Otherwise the planet and human suffering will only increase.

To me, I can empathize with the pro-choicer. They are misguided at best, but they care about the right's of the mother and see the child as more than tissue. The pro-abortionist, on the other hand, I can't understand. They are treading down a slippery slope which will end up with court-mandated forced abortion and sterilization. China already has birth permits and has illegally performed abortions and sterilizations against women's wills. The next thing that will happen is that these women's rights will be taken away legally. And of course, the pro-abortionist will champion it "for the good of the world." Women will no longer have any choice. They will be powerless and loose control over their own bodies all for the sake of false ideology.

Sadly not enough pro-choicers are speaking up for the movement. (Although this is where the pro-life movement is now targeting.) Instead the vast majority of the outspoken abortion crowd are pro-abortionist. In it's wake women are stripped of their rights to refer to their unborn as children even if they choose to keep their child. Instead, clinical language and statistics about population growth are slung around. Where is the emotion? Where is the individual and the individual's right to choose? It's being consumed as we speak all in the name of the majority and "greater good." And this is what scares me.

I'm sure at some point there will be an explosion or hostile take-over. The pro-abortion movement will meet head-to-head with the pro-lifers over the basic right of a mother to refer to her unborn as a child/baby not a fetus. Or the pro-abortion movement will slowly poison the minds of the pro-choicers making them paranoid. The pro-abortion movement will grow and as a result bend laws in such a way as to strip the rights of women and end the very notion of pro-choice.

Pro-choice is supposed to be about honoring the right's of the mother. But pro-abortionists don't accept a woman's decision to keep her child regardless of circumstances. They truly feel that the world would be better off is someone else made that decision for her.


  1. Thank you for saying this out loud, so to speak. I've often thought that there are separate segments of the movement to support abortion rights, and they can be wildly different. They will require different approaches in trying to change their views, so it's important to understand what they're saying. I appreciate that you get it.

    I wonder if you've heard about Obama's "science czar," John Holdren, and his public views on forced abortions and sterilization? When I first heard about him, I didn't sleep for a week. Terrifying.

  2. I just finished reading Unplanned by Abby Johnson and she shows just that this point is true.


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