Thursday, August 11, 2011

You Have Arrived

We're here. We're tired, but everything's okay. We finally went to the grocery store today. Yesterday, we unpacked bedding and put together the crib. HB was so much calmer when he got to sleep in his own bed again. He's also missed us terribly because his Grammie has been babysitting him for a while. I'll have to take pictures of our new home when we don't have boxes everywhere. We have a lot of closet space but....our kitchen is even smaller! So I'm making use of a dining room closet (who designs these things?) as a utility/pantry. We need to buy dining room furniture, shelving for the dining room closet, a desk, and a thing for our tv. We live next to the pool and the playground. HB was meeting our neighbor (who moved in on Monday) out front and wanted to move around. He was unhappy about having to come inside so we threw him out on the patio. Yeah!! The bathrooms are big and we have two walk in closets. I like our new place. Wish we had a bigger kitchen, but we'll make do. We've already been discussing which appliances we should just get rid of because we barely use them and aren't necessary (Hubby's rice cooker has not seen the light of day). When we go through our inventory, would anyone like us to ship them something?

So the goals are unpacking all the boxes, which will take time. Getting the necessary stuff that you can't buy at a grocery store (bathmats, a co-axel cable despite Hubby throwing 3 of them out etc). And buying furniture. But it's over. I can sleep in my own bed.

Oh, and special thanks to my neighbor for letting me steal his/her wireless internet. That way we don't have to worry informing friends and family that we are still alive.

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