Thursday, September 1, 2011

Annoyed with...

Yesterday, I took a break. My body basically said, "stop now." So I did and I did nothing. As a result I should be working on the dishes. Oh, well. I just now remembered. The day before, I had hung about half the pictures. So we're almost there. (Just thought about that big mess in my dining room).

Then last night our microwave started making noises. At least that's what Hubby says who wakes up if I so much as touch him while turning over. He's a really light sleeper. So this morning I go to plug it in and it works until...the beeping and error messages. I'm hoping that it will work for a short while, but the verdict is another microwave. It's sorta old. I bought it used 6 years ago from my friend. It's got a computer in it so I suppose it's time. Manual ones seem to last longer but don't have nice features and tend to fritz after many uses of moving the timer.

He's also really annoyed about our phone (hubby) or rather all our phones that have various problems including being unable to use it except close to the base. So I told him that I'd look into getting a phone for our bedroom where the computer is so we can talk to a rep and look up info.

Which seems to be a problem since our phone company is changing names.? I tried to update the system and it just keeps asking me for account info which I enter in and then it asks again. I contacted the phone rep and he gave me a number. So I tried again but ended up contacting the chat rep who said firefox doesn't work. So IE doesn't work on this computer so I used the lap top. Same thing. I'll wait til tomorrow or call customer service and give them an ear full about how whoever does their programming should seriously work out bugs before publishing the new site. Common sense people.

I also managed to get to the mid-wife's office/birthing center. It was a tour and questions that went really longer than it should have. It's a small place and only 20 minutes up the freeway. I was so proud. I haven't had to use a freeway for seven years now, at least for inner city driving. I'm so not used to it, but I managed to navigate it without any crashes even though I was tired. I set up an appointment for September. She doesn't seem bothered by skipping what amounts to an entire month. So we'll see what happens. It makes me wonder about people who aren't really on top of things.

Also have an appointment for HB later today. The pedi probably won't like me bringing in all my new found research about vaccinations and abortion lines. Seems we won't be getting a booster shot this time. Hep A uses aborted fetal cells to produce their vaccines. So does Varicilla (chicken pox) and Rubella. I didn't learn that until recently. I wrote a post about it and wanted to publish it somewhere on a Catholic mom's website, but no one bit so I'll post it here for anyone else who wants to read. Maybe tonight if I'm not too busy.

And Hubby is having his reoccurring health problem. So I made him look up doctors to call. The first time this happened I was dating him and he wouldn't go to the ER until late at night. So we stayed at the ER and I got 4 hours of sleep before going to work the next day. I couldn't call in sick because it was teacher training. Needless to say, I learned nothing from the workshop. But it was boring anyway. Then it happened again a few years ago so he went back to the specialist that he saw after the ER visit (which let's face it, if you can, avoid the ER. They are only good if you're bleeding to death.) And now he says it's repeating itself. He's taking pain killers and working from home, but he doesn't think at this early stage anyone can help him. He has to wait until the infection gets worse. And he's pessimistic about it.

I guess you could say I'm not a very sympathetic wife. I wake up every morning unable to bend with back pain and hip pain and swollen legs and chaffing from all the heat and...well you get the point. I'm not very sympathetic to pain at the moment. My husband's not Catholic and doesn't get the concept of "offering it up" whatsoever. Is it my imagination or are men really big babies when it comes to any discomfort? Just wondering.


  1. Sorry he's sick, but yeah I agree with you there... not imagining the men thing at all lol.

    As for the BC... You're still early enough in the pg that you're being seen once a month right? Will the wait make it closer to two since your last? If not I can kinda see it... would be nice on one hand to get the ball rolling so to speak, but if you don't really "need" to be seen before and they are confident in the care you've received to this point... I don't know. In some ways midwifes are more relaxed about things, but mine were very throughout at the same time. Have you read any reviews of them and are they the only ones in town? Either way, good luck!

  2. They do come highly recommended (at least online). They aren't the only game in town (I recently discovered another freestanding BC closer to us someone mentioned in a blog post from February and there is another one in addition so that's three). They've been open about a year. This is an ob/gyn and a midwife team so maybe it's the midwife whose the laid back person. Some people were a little confused about billing and insurance, but as they mentioned it is cheaper than using a hospital.

    We'll see. I did like the facilities. They have two rooms and each has a shower and a big tub and a big bed.


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