Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brought to you by...

This public service announcement is brought to you by my microwave. 

When JK Rowling talked about how she reads everything including her shampoo bottles, I nodded my head.  While I'm not a big fan of reading shampoo bottles because they basically say the same thing, I read instruction manuals like gang busters.  So I can totally understand the wackiness of reading everything.

My dishwasher has instructed me on the proper way to load dishes including flipping spoons upside down so they don't get 'stuck' together.  It's also taught me that you want to get hot water started by turning on the sink it's closest too before running it.

My recent purchase of a microwave does the same thing.  Like for instance, how do you know if something is microwave safe?  It tells you to take the dish in question and place it inside.  Next to it put a glass measuring cup of water (or preferably inside the dish) and heat it up.  If the plate is cool and the water is hot, it's microwave safe.  If the reverse is true, it's not microwave safe.

Don't put recycled paper towels in your microwave.  Apparently they contain small pieces of metal which can cause a fire or arching (where sparks shoot around your microwave).

Be careful of super heating, a phenomenon that occurs where a liquid heats beyond the point of boiling.  If the liquid is jostled or a spoon is inserted then it can boil over and burn you.  I read somewhere else that it is better to only heat the liquid up for a minute, then stir, and then reheat again until reaching the desired temperature.

Plastics aren't really great for microwaves.  Oddly plastic wrap and waxed paper (which is really a thin coating of plastic not wax) are totally fine.  The best results in heating come from microwave safe ceramics and glassware. 

Also it's recommended that you cover what you reheat.  Not only does it prevent spillage, but keeping your microwave clean even while heating can keep your microwave going longer.  Clogging up the stuff that the microwaves emit from shortens the life of the microwave.

So maybe you learned something new or maybe you didn't.  The whole recycled paper towels thing was totally new to me.  Ah well.  Using a dish towel works just fine.

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