Friday, September 23, 2011

Chinese Gendercide

Saw this film on Aggie Catholics.  Thought that I would upload it for you.

37 Seconds from All Girls Allowed on Vimeo.

Also I encourage you to watch the National Geographic's documentary on the subject investigated by Lisa Ling.  It specifically talks about American couples adopting Chinese girls.

Here's a video discussing it.  But if you want to see the whole documentary, Netflix carries it online (if you get Netflix).  Please watch.

What can you do?

1) pray- Sounds silly, but a lot of these children are abandoned in areas where people will be (parks, etc) because the mother's do want them to be taken care of.  Praying that someone will find them and that someone will adopt them makes a world of difference.

2) Don't vote for Obama- the Obama administration has reinstated funding to United Nations Population Fund which supports the One Child Policy in China and has had some suspicious links to forced abortion.  Also statements by our "Catholic" Vice-President, Biden, saying that he "understands" China's One Child Policy are disconcerting.

3) Contact your legislators- Contact your legislators and tell them that you want the funding to UNPF overturned.  That you want continued investigations into the gendercide surrounding China's One Child Policy.  Tell them that you want sanctions against China until they end the One Child Policy.

4) Consider giving up Chinese-made good- Among the gendercide there are a plethora of other human right's violations including the right to worship.  Many Chinese dissidents are taken without trial and beaten up.  Some are placed into forced labor camps where they are forced to make things like Christmas tree lights (all Christmas tree lights come from China) or face starvation.  To sell these products outside of China is against International Law, but it's still happening.  Having voices in China condemning the One Child policy is important.  If you cannot give up Chinese-made goods entirely, at least make efforts to not buy Chinese-made goods over Christmas or other holidays. 

5) Adopt- If you have the means to do so, consider adopting a Chinese girl.  If you watch the documentary, you will not that a number of these girls stay in the orphanages their whole lives.  Every child needs a family.  There has been some research to suggest that a number of these children are taken from their families by government officials because they are the second child.  Make sure you are using a reputable agency that researches how these children were found.

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