Friday, September 2, 2011

A Dirge

Well...the microwave bit the dust and went out singing it's own beeping death dirge. I ended up buying a new microwave which looks similar only a little bigger and with more features. It was made in Malaysia (all the others were made in China). Supposedly you can buy a microwave made in the US, but I'm betting it's three times as expensive as my Malaysian one which is already twice as much as any Chinese one.

Today, Hubby goes and sees the doctor. He's not sure about this guy as on his official info page under his work page he talks about his hobbies and not his qualifications. So we'll see.

Yesterday I took HB to the pedi and she was really good. HB was not (he's a restless computer junky toddler). I'm at least happy that one doctor seems to be good.

Still having trouble with the phone service provider's website. I don't feel like calling customer service again today so maybe if I have the energy to be somewhat firm, I'll try tomorrow.

And being that this is a furniture shopping holiday we're probably going to look at getting a twin mattress for the boy tomorrow. And I need to call the pedi's office at some point because I forgot to ask who they recommend for a dentist.

Today is a pj day. I think my energy level has finally sunk. I'm surprised that I've managed this long. I also think baby boy number 2 is hitting a growth spurt. I have more aches and pains where my ligaments are.

Okay. Going to go relax. At some point, I'll find that vaccine article that I wrote. To pooped at this point.

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