Thursday, September 22, 2011

For the Socially Challenged

I think everyone has their social challenges.  Some people are prone to interrupting conversation.  Some people become virtual wall flowers either because of shyness or timidity.  And then there are people like me who tend to run their mouths a little too much.  It makes finding friends difficult.

Yesterday I attended my first women's meeting.  It's not specifically for moms but the vast majority of the people there were parents and the program has topics that include the family and marriage.  It's a Catholic program.  It's called SHE and was written by a man from Houston.  It says his wife, but so far the book and the video is him talking.  It comes out of the men's program called That Man Is You (TMIY) and is apparently very new since I can't find any information about the book or the program on the web.

Anyways...I got there, paid my fee, got my name tag, and picked a table.  They were named after saints.  Our group was St. Maria Goretti.  I did my usual chit chat and was particularly proud of myself.  I asked questions about things the ladies mentioned about themselves.  I offered a few responses and answered some questions.  And I ran into the lady that HB has played at Mass with once and ran into again at the library.  I got her to join our table.  Hubby says that I need to be bold and ask for her number.  This isn't dating so I said it would be better if I offered her mine to set up a play date or a girl's only thing.  I'll probably do that next week or something.  We're practically strangers and I know that when starting friendships some people feel intimidated into it.  I do know that she studies political science.

Then the program started.  It was just the introduction.  We watched the video and then talked about some of the discussion questions in the booklet in our small groups.  That was it.  The program is 9 weeks and then another 9 weeks after a break.  The first 9 weeks is more spiritual exploration.  To give you an idea, the chapter headings are 1) She Shall Be Called Woman 2) Forming Healthy Happy Holy Families 3) The Mystery of Woman 4) Woman the Masterpiece of Creation 5) Woman the Enmity of Satan 6) Woman at the Annunciation 7) Woman at the Foot of the Cross 8) Woman and the Great Mystery of Marriage 9) The Revelation of the Bride.  The last 9 weeks, which I don't have a book for, are supposed to be more the practical side of things.  As you can probably tell the focus of the series is on the BVM. 

The other interesting thing about this program is that it's more reflective.  I've done MOPS.  I've done Bible Study.  I've even done Youth Group stuff.  This is more like a Bible Study, but with less focus on the Bible readings.  More like the Engagement Encounter I went to.  It's retreat-like I guess.  We have scriptural readings, but the focus is on what these mean to the individual and collective group of women.  There is less social stuff, less ministry stuff which I kinda normally like.  I wish that could be integrated.  There is supposedly a Moms group so I may contact them for more info.

Needless to say, I offered some input, but I was definitely not the assertive member of the group.  Mostly I listened during the small group discussion.  For one thing I was tired.  It starts at 7 and ends at 9pm.  And then for another, I had to make haste for the facilities so I was trying hard not to wet myself.  But you really probably didn't need that tid bit.

All in all I feel rather proud of myself.  I didn't make myself out to be weird (at least I think) or totally socially inept.  I think my social awkwardness has taught me a level of respect for those who truly suffer from social problems like Austistism.  and social anxiety disorder.  I once was in a wedding escorted by a gentlemen who suffered from SAD.  I was forewarned that he often passed out around large groups of people, but that he had taken his medication so theoretically he would be okay.  Turns out he was fine.  But it made me appreciate that my own social awkwardness is easier to manage.


  1. sounds like a cool program

    and congrats on being social- I am pretty introverted myself...

  2. wow! your baby is getting big! Congrats


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