Friday, September 2, 2011

The Grand Tour- Part 1

So this is the Grand Tour of part of my house. My child is sleeping in his room so I will have to take pictures later. I didn't take a picture of Hubby's bathroom nor did I take a picture of the master suite since it's messy. I also didn't take any pictures of the outside because it's night time and you wouldn't be able to see as much. So I'm thinking there will be a part 2, part 3, and a part 4.

I mostly took these pictures for family not be a total copy cat. The only family member or friend who has seen our apartment has been my mother-in-law and she saw it when it was just boxes. So without further ado, I give you the Grand Tour!

Oh, and um if you can't see what I'm talking about, click on the pictures. They get larger when you do that. You may want to open the blog on a separate tab or window to both read and view.

This is a picture of from the entrance way (front door). You can see on your left the couch, center the back door which goes out onto our patio, and to the right is the entertainment center and a chair. The chair is to keep a small child from trying to crawl behind the entertainment center. There are pillows on the chair (and bags) because my child likes to wrestle with those ugly cushions from the dinning room chairs and I haven't the heart to throw them out. Turn to the left and there's the dinning room.
This is a view of the dinning room area and the kitchen. Please take note that the high chair is no longer where HB eats (hence it's off to the side). No we don't make our toddler eat by himself. Rather he sits in a booster seat (blue) and eats with us. The floor has a matching vinyl cloth for any spills. Please don't judge the garbage can and recycling can location. I moved them out of the way for pictures. Normally they move around my kitchen because my toddler likes to play with them and we gate the kitchen, which is really too small for them to be in. Notice the cool microwave (with the toaster oven sitting on top) in the corner. We have to get creative with limited kitchen space.
Here is the entertainment center. Please note that in a house with a toddler all decorations go up. We also have a few empty wall spaces for future pictures reserved for photos with baby boy 2. Doesn't it look fantastic! It cost about 120 for the whole thing (including shelving and pegs). The bottom houses vhs, dvds, cds, and video games. The area to the left of the tv is glass. It's empty at the moment on the top because we plan on putting our vhs/dvd player there after I pick it up tomorrow.
I took this picture so you can get a glimpse of the master suite off to the right. If you go through the front door, it's to the right. The living room is straight ahead and the dinning room, kitchen, Hubby's bathroom, and HB's room are to the left.
Another view of the entertainment center. Please ignore the laundry basket. I'm doing laundry. I wanted you to see how it looks next to the back door. There is a small chest of drawers which is empty because it's blocking access to the speaker and lamp. I have a toddler. Don't judge my crazy baby proofing ideas (or was it Hubby's, I can't remember).
That's the entrance just pass the book shelf. We have to get creative with books. Our other book shelf is in our closet. This one we used the top three shelves and the bottom are HB's stash of toys. Please ignore our cat who decided to clean herself.
That's the couch where I've been taking most of the shots. It's also next to the back door. Ignore one packing box. It has cables to set up said dvd/vhs player. I plan on recovering the pillows.
I took this shot so you can see the living room in relation to the kitchen. The green box is empty and being used by our other cat. I plan on putting HB's toys in that one since it matches his color scheme better. The other current toy box is the same tub but magenta so it matches the couch better. I'm swapping them in other words. What I will do with an empty tub. I don't know. I really don't have a good place to shove it at the moment. But obviously the cat doesn't care. Also the stand the lamp is sitting on is really a small book case with books in it. We turn it around so HB doesn't get into it, which is another creative toddler proofing strategy. There's a matching one on the other side of the couch. We like fans btw.
Kitchen. It's tiny. I plan on hanging another plate, but need to get a thingy for it. I would open the cabinets for you, but honestly who needs to see how I organize my dishes.
View of the dining room from the kitchen. That accordion thing is the utility closet/pantry.
A look inside the utility closet. That middle section of stuff are my cook books. Yep that's all I own. I'm not a collector of stuff. If it doesn't work for me, I usually get rid of it so those are my go-to cook books. Straight ahead shelving from *gasp* China!
Side view of closet. That blue thing in the corner has food in it. It used to house shoes and before that books. I've had it since college (undergrad) so that's been a long, long, long,...time.
Other side has our leaf which makes our table huge. It also has the mop, bucket, broom, and vacuum (and the fire extinguisher which shouldn't be mounted in a closet, but I didn't do that and I'm not about to get onto the people about there crazy fire safety skills). Oh, and the bungy chord is hanging from the door knob. If you look at the shot where the closet is closed, you'll notice that it keeps HB out. I try to baby proof without destroying the place.

Also who thought of putting a closet in the dining room? Really. I would have rather had a bigger kitchen. Also who decides to put carpet in the dining room? I mean toddlers aren't the only ones who make messes.

Okay. Need to go get my laundry. Hope that you enjoyed this part of the tour. Not sure when I'll take more pictures.

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