Monday, September 12, 2011

Houston, We have a problem

Oh, no.  There are more people interested in reading my blog.  Stop now!  Avert your eyes!  Seriously you don't want to read this blog.  Go somewhere else.  I mean it.  Stop!  Why do you want to read the crazy rantings of a pregnant woman?  Do you seriously want to deal with me?  My own husband struggles to deal with me and he doesn't get a choice (well he does, but it's easier for you to slip away and forget you ever found yourself over here). 

No, no.  Don't read anymore of my drivel.  I'm crazy I tell you.  I cry one minute and kick over children's toys in anger the next.  You don't want to read this blog.  I'm not a saint.  I'm a horrible no good sinner whose destined for a life in hell where my mother will be the manager so that I'll be miserable for all eternity (um my mom being the manager is her own joke.  It's not meant to be mean.) 

I'm very judgmental and mean and oh so wrong for being followed.  Stop following me.  Go un-follow me right this instant.  But you haven't and you're still reading.

*collapses on floor and cries and has a little adult temper tantrum*  Oh, drat!  You're still here.  Well.....fine.  Stay if you want to, but you've been warned.  I don't deserve this kind of recognitionSomeone else far holier than myself does.  But if you want to stay *sigh*, I guess that you can.


  1. Why do you want to read the crazy rantings of a pregnant woman?

    Because I'm pregnant too and it makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one who's crazy. :)

  2. You were a link, off of another link, off of National Catholic Register. You are stuck with us now. While I am not pregnant, I might be crazy:P And BTW, that blog with the lady with the head thingy she calls a snood, seems a bit like a crunchy stepford wife(from my very superficial reading), so obviously I am way less holy than either of you!

  3. Oh, Cam a stepford wife *chuckle*. I guess I thought something similar, but she's down to earth. I think it's her interests that make her seem more stepford than barefoot and pregnant. You may be interested to know that she's actually athletic. She used to do martial arts and that sort of thing. Now you're making me wonder what sort of person people glean about me online.

    Snoods is more commonly a Jewish term. You could also say it's a hair net. Mostly Jewish women wear them, but since our Catholic roots are Jewish, a lot of Catholics like them too. Cam (and I totally agree with her) says their a lot easier to keep on you head with children about than a Mantilla is, which is more Catholic in origin. Oddly a number of Jews were mantillas too. I guess they like our style of headcovering.

    Less holier? Eh, you'd be surprised. I talk a good game I suppose. It's that academic part of me that never dies. I try my best to live up to it, but it's hard.


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