Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Men Straddling the Fence

Remember that commercial from Dodge.  You know this one.  Well, I made a comment about it being totally anti-family and I got back three responses.  One of them missed the mark by saying even a dad would say his kids can be pains (I'm actually being nicer than what he said).  The reason he missed the mark is because the commercial is about a man who doesn't have children.  So it's not worth even commenting.

Another commenter said this "I don't like children, thankful to be gay!"  I'm not sure how much the gay agenda would like that comment especially since their totally bent on making every gay couple in America have children (okay I exaggerate but you understand my point).  Again, not really worthy of a response.

This comment I'm not sure how to respond to.  "That is the only thing right about the commercial. Who wants to breed like dogs? Theres too many of them around and people only have kids so they can live off the government. Everytime I see these families with 5 plus kids it makes me think the mom is a hoe. Sure tells you a lot about what she's been doing, LOL!"

Here are some of my thoughts for response:

1) Statistics show that the vast majority of people "living off the government" are single mothers with one or two children.  It's a complete myth that women have children so they don't have to work.  While there are those who abuse the system, the vast majority of women don't.

2) I love how anytime a woman has children she's the "hoe".  Whatever happened to the man?  Children don't spontaneously occur on their own.  It takes two to tango.  If a man doesn't understand that the consequences of sex are children, then he needs to take a sex ed class.  The reason why the vast majority of people on welfare are single women is because the vast majority of these men are essentially sperm donors and don't take responsibility for their actions.

3) I want to "breed."  There aren't enough children in this world.  Statistics show that without more children social security and the welfare system will collapse.  Societies will diminish and not flourish without a healthy work force. 

4) Families with 5 children...could mean she's married and in a stable relationship.  And I hope that they are "doing it."  I would be worried if they didn't.

Maybe you can add your own snarky comment.  I'm not sure which one if not all to publish in response or if it's even worth it.  The whole point of the comment is to show how dim witted society is.  Or to uncover the fact that men shirk their duties in large part because they have very few rights.

Here's where I transition over to Men Straddling the Fence.  I've brought up this topic with numerous male friends:  how do you feel about abortion?  What would you do if you got a girl pregnant and she wanted one?  Unfortunately all the men that I know (with a few exceptions) have said that they would honor her "right" to abort even if they don't believe in abortion. 

This only illustrates a few things 1) Men have been brow beaten and emasculated so much that they no longer have any rights over their own flesh and blood.  They feel that they no longer can take a stand and tell a girl "No, you can't do that.  That's my baby."  And society has stripped them of any legal right to keep their child.  2) Since society has basically made the right to claim parentage up to the mother, men have become ghost-fathers, abandoning their children and shirking their responsibilities.  This has put an about-face to the feminist movement where women who are supposed to be empowered now are viewed as "hoes" and men face no consequences, no social stigmas, whatsoever. 

This sickens me and frightens me because I have two boys.  Even if they are married, until their children are born, my sons have no rights over their children.  They can't even claim them on the birth certificate unless they go get a paternity test or their spouse acquiesces.  In Arizona, if you are unmarried you are required to have a paternity test done until a father's name can be placed on the birth certificate.  So while marriage has some security, it doesn't give the man rights to his unborn.  I hope that my children find stable marriage partners, but one never knows.  And I can't imagine having to stand in the kitchen and listen to one of my boys pour his heart out because his wife/girlfriend decided against his will to terminate their child.  It's awful.

Another story:  I had a co-worker/friend whose brother got a girl pregnant.  His girlfriend basically left and he couldn't find her so he didn't know until around the holidays.  He got a call from an adoption agency asking him to relinquish his rights.  At least his girlfriend was honest enough to say who the dad was.  Her family was a strict Christian home and convinced her that unwed mothers should not marry the dad, abort, or raise the baby on their own.  They believed the only option was adoption.  So here he is with his family enjoying the holidays and finds out he's about to loose his parental rights.  What does he do?  Says no way.  He ends up finding his ex and helping her give birth and now he has a beautiful son, who is motherless because she took off soon after that.  Here is a real man.  A man who stood his ground and has raised his son on his own without the mother's help.  He's a hero.  He made a mistake but he took the consequences like a real man.  I applaud him.

So this is a call to arms of all men and fathers.  Claim your children and claim your right to the survival of your children.  Stop allowing women to walk all over you.

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  1. Somehow I missed the original post but I think I have seen the ad. Obviously, your few comments were not representative of the general population. That said, I think the myth of the welfare mom with a pile of kids is leftover from an earlier time. For example, I knew a young woman in High School who had her first child at 17, her second at 18 and a third a couple years later without ever marrying the fathers. She never finished high school and never worked. She knew plenty of young women living the same life, it paid more than working. She had a very sad life, the only man she did marry, molested her boys and she lost them, one to be raised by a transsexual relative. She was in and out of rehab and eventually died of a brain aneurysm 4 years ago. Her oldest son who is in his 20s has already spent time in prison.
    My ex husband had a girlfriend who at 19 aborted his child even though he had offered to marry her. It has haunted him for the last 20+ years. He got a woman pregnant while married to me and the woman married to another man and that child has unknown on his birth certificate in the father spot, even though his parents eventually married each other. They went on to have another unplanned child and he complains constantly about how much they cost. So while yes there is an attitude of irresponsibility in many people, these same people don't exactly live happy lives. God doesn't have to do anything to people, they usually make their own misery. Ask that guy from the ad about his life when he is 50 and alone and realizes what he missed.
    About breeding like dogs, well I have 5 daughters, have rarely worked outside the home and the only time I have EVER received food stamps and medicaid(and it was short term), I lost my job and my husband walked out in the same week. That said I can understand the resentment against people who get pregnant and receive medicaid. Personally, I am torn. On one hand,if you don't want to pay the medical bills for your pregnancy, don't get pregnant, you know what causes it. On the other, I don't want the child to suffer, since the decision wasn't theirs. I have know several people who have taken the higher road by paying out of pocket for a midwife and having their child at home, when they couldn't afford traditional care. Of course, some of the snarkiness comes from the assumption that it is impossible to afford to have more than 2 kids, especially on one income. This totally is almost to the level of an urban legend. Yet, I know several families who do it by giving up afterschool activities, homeschooling, not going on vacations and owning old cars. In many families I know it is the man's demand that the woman work so he isn't burdened with supporting her. Luckily, my husband doesn't feel this way. People have accused me of being mercenary but if I have to work full time, raise the kids and do all the housework, what did I need a man for? Sperm donation? I can adopt.


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