Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mr. Boy likes my meatloaf

Mr. Boy aka HB likes my meatloaf. It's taken us this long to eat anything with groundbeef but he's done it. He's also picked it out of my spaghetti and eaten it too. But he's still a picky picky eater.

Our pedi check went well. He's 23 lbs with clothing, and 32 1/2 inches tall. So he's in the 15 percentile and 45 percentile respectively although the pedi said 10 and 50 so I'll go look it up later. My child is small.

She asked about baby proofing (which you can tell from the Grand Tour post we do) and about how much he drinks, how much he poops, temper tantrums (which we get a few these days), and things of that sort. She also had me fill out a sheet about autism, which I'm pretty sure he doesn't have. Also asked me about his speech.

He signs a lot of words and vocalizes them too. He's a bit shy about vocalizing around strangers and feels more comfortable with the signs (not uncommon for signing children). She asked him if he could say eat (food) and some other words which he did. Asked me if he puts together a few phrases he has twice. No mommy and mommy do. Asked me if he make believes like pretend to talk on a phone (yep). Asked if he read books to himself. I caught him one day with his baby sign book on the floor doing the signs from the pictures so yes, he reads to himself. Asked if threw and kicked balls. He throws the tennis balls, but we haven't gone and found him a soccer ball or anything like that because they are Chinese. I may try a sporting goods store for better luck later. She says kids don't normally start kicking until around 2 and he's still a little young.

Talked about potty training sorta said it was early and would be a bit harder with a new baby around. Knew that from personal experience. Not going to push the issue although he likes to flush the toilet, watches us go, and we have a couple books at home. I haven't bought a potty chair. Don't want to until the littlest one sleeps decently.

Today we went and bought him a big boy bed. Well it's just a twin mattress that we put on the floor. He was so excited. He demanded that I put it flat while I was attempting to take the plastic wrap off. He also didn't like me putting the cover and sheet on it because it meant he had to move. We bought it today while picking up the vhs/dvd player. Hubby strapped it to the roof of the car and we drove home with our flashers. It was one of those Labor Day weekend sales. We also got a water proofing cover for it (the guy gave us a deal on a nice one) and I pulled out an old sheet from my single days when I owned a twin and futon. It's a little stretched out, but it works until I can get a second cover and sheet as a back up.

Thought it would be trouble getting him to sleep on it, but no. We put him to bed later so he was pretty sleeping. I rocked him until he did the open/shut eyes thing then laid him on it. He rolled over and I covered him with a blanket. I'm sure I'll get him a pillow at some point, but for now this is close to his usual crib arrangement. No hasty changes needed. He's slept on the floor before at day care so it's not too out of the ordinary.

Tomorrow will be interesting. I'm not sure if he will open his own door or get upset and start banging on it. Or maybe he'll wreck his room or just play quietly. But now my little baby isn't a little baby anymore. He's a toddler with a big boy bed which eventually when he stays put on it we'll get him a box springs and frame.

Am I a little nutty for upgrading him? Maybe. I'd rather him get used to it now rather than having to contend with sleep deprivation and a tiny baby at the same time. Everything I've read says that if you want them to be sleeping on a big bed or using a booster seat, go ahead and upgrade before hand. Potty training can start if they seem ready (which he isn't), but I know not to be surprised if a child takes a step back.

Okay. I'm going to finish my scone and upgrade firefox. I do a lot of baking when I nest. I don't know why. Some people redo their houses. I feel like baking. And it's so hot here. Go figure.

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  1. HB is right around the age Sadie was at when we started working on moving her into her own bed (instead of a crib) It was a bit later when we did the mattress on the floor, but that was only because we didn't have room until we moved. And we found she loved the mattress on the floor way more than the toddler bed that we tried first that used her tiny crib mattress! I think it's a great idea to get him used to it before the new little one arrives! That was our plan too and while she didn't sleep through the night most of the time, she did do way better than she had before she started sleeping on her mattress!


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