Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Home Tour- Part 2, HB's Room and Guest Bath

These are pictures of HB's room and the Guest Bathroom. They are located on the same side as the kitchen. For larger images, remember you can click on the picture.

Picture of HB's room as entering it. His walls are a little bare particularly around his bed and his brother's crib.  I've heard that it's best not to put pictures over where they sleep in case they fall down for whatever reason.  I want to get some vinyl wall stickers to place there so it doesn't look so bad, but I haven't yet.  Etsy has a number of shops where you can buy them custom made so you can get their names and stuff.

HB's big boy bed. Please note that the electrical outlet has a sliding cover so he's fine next to it. There is the phone jack, but I don't know of any baby proofing devices for a phone jack. The rocking chair and his brother's crib which currently holds the swing and the bouncy seat to be pulled out later.The blinds use a wand so there's no issue with chords.  HB can play with them so we moved his bed away from them.  His little brother won't be able to for a while.  The pillow is there more for me.  He doesn't use it.

Closet door, dresser, and the play pen.  It's up against the wall between the dresser.  Highly unlikely it would hurt him because it's awfully heavy to move anyway.
Dresser, closet, and the old microwave.  He can't plug the microwave in.  There's no outlet around there that he has access to.  He can just open it and stick stuff in.  Eventually I'm going to get him a small table and chairs and maybe put it there.  It's his Christmas present (shhh).  The dresser has the lamp and the radio and the baby monitor.  We stopped using the baby monitor in the condo because our rooms shared a wall so we could hear him well enough.  Now we're on the other side so it's to let us know that he's awake. 
Diaper changing stuffs.  The larger trash can is for dirty diapers.  The smaller one is for trash.  We've been using disposables at night until I can come up with a better solution.  So far I haven't found one yet, but I did purchase a fitted diaper to try out.  Hopefully I'll figure out a solution before he's potty trained.  There are loads of pockets, prefolds, covers, all-in-ones, etc.  And of course in the middle is his noise maker (middle shelf, white round thingy).  We cloth diaper in the day.  I'm not sure how it's going to work with little brother's stuff too.  We have that set of drawers in the living room that I may move next to the changing table and make use of.  We originally put the diaper changing table where the rocking chair is but then HB could stand up and play with the blinds.  So we moved it here.
Inside the closet.  That's HB's side.  We were given a ton of disposable diapers before we moved.  There's also some office stuff which we really should move out and the humidifier for when he gets colds.  Those are some of HB's clothes.  Some are in a drawer and some are in a box, which you'll see momentarily.  Some of those clothes hanging are actually winter clothes.  So he doesn't actually have a lot of stuff.  And no I don't want anymore.  Green box (yes, I switched them) has toys.  White drawer thingy has toys.
The other side of the closet.  Little brother's side.  More random stuff above.  Clothes to the front are newborn size and the stuff in the back is some 3 month-6month that I pulled out randomly.  The white thing is the bassinet which is becoming a catch-all sort of thing.  There's a box sorta cut off and that has the rest of the sizes of clothes and HB's clothes.  It's a medium sized box. 
A better look more of HB's view.  The shelf has books and puzzles.
And right next door, between the kitchen and HB's room is the guest bathroom or Hubby's bathroom.  This is a view when you enter.
There's the walk-in shower.  Please ignore the mop and bucket.  I put it in there after finishing the floors.  We're not supposed to leave them outside to dry.  The rug Hubby picked out.  He basically looked at the available colors and said "everything from here to here is fine.  Pick one."  Which was basically two types of brown, two types of grey, and black.  So I picked the battleship grey. 
Hubby's organized sink.  The tall set of cabinets we store our plethora of tp, cleaning supplies, and towels for Hubby.  The top drawer under the sink has all Hubby's toiletries.  The drawer under that is cat stuff.  The last drawer (those things directly under the sink are fake) is empty (but you can't see it very well anyway).  The cabinet area directly under the sink is empty.  HB likes to hide in it.

And that's it for this part of the tour.  I did take some pictures of the master suite, which I'll save for another time.  And at some point I'll take pictures of the balcony and the view from there.

Some issues with living here are: 1) the number of people who let their cats out at night  I've seen at least three or four cats.  This is bad for pregnant women because outdoor cats eat vermin and tend to spread disease through their feces.  2) The number of people who don't pick up after their dog.  It smells.  3) My neighbor who has rambunctious dogs and seems to enjoy having people over frequently until late hours of the night.  One Sunday morning her guest and her were talking while I was loading up HB for Mass.  They were discussing where to get a good bloody mary.  Yeah, hung over, I imagine.  Last night they were doing something up there until about midnight.  She's nice, but after a while it gets to you.  I'm sure my toddler bugs her too.  Course then we'll have little brother and he'll be up all night.  But she's a med student so she'll get over it.  She can't balk too much. 

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  1. We have to use disposables at night too...so discouraging! Otherwise, it's the only time that he leaks completely out of his diaper onto his pjs!


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