Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pocket Change, Bees, and Bumper Stickers

Pocket Change-
So yesterday HB and I went to our local health food store where they sell things like recycled toilet paper and toothpaste.  I'm a little peeved at Tom's Maine because now their tubes of toothpaste are plastic instead of metal.  I plan on writing a letter and asking if they can go back to metal or at least leave it as an option since metal is easier to recycle than plastic.  But anyway...So I get my toilet paper and HB happily sits inside the cart (not the seat area but down in the cart).  I whisk him and the cart off to look at toothpaste and there are some retirees there also looking at toothpaste.  At first they didn't notice he was there because of the mound of tp, but then they started smiling at him and all that gushy stuff.  But here comes the strange part, one lady asked me if she could give him her pocket change for his piggy bank.  So I said that was fine.  I mean what do you do when a stranger wants to give your child money.  I told him to say thank you, which he dutifully signed.  I said something to Hubby about it later and Hubby said maybe she thought we were poor.  I highly doubt that; this health food store isn't the type of store a person on food stamps would regularly shop at.  The produce is reasonable, but everything else is very expensive, which is why we rarely go and only for specific things.  My thinking is that she liked HB or she noticed his downtrodden pregnant mother pushing him around in the shopping cart.  I don't know.  But I figure the money can go into our Trick or Treat for UNICEF fund.

Today I think I had my first run in with one of those crazy African bees.  We were heading to the car for library time and HB went pocking around a bush.  The bee was buzzing around him and so I thought he may have bothered it.  So I pulled him along to the car and the bee followed and even harassed me.  Ordinary honey or bumble or native bees don't do that.  Once you leave, they go away.  Not this bee, boy.  She wanted to make sure that we were gone.  Thankfully neither one of us got stung.  I'm not very interested to find out if HB is allergic to bees the hard way.  I know that I'm not.

Bumper Stickers-
Hubby has once said that he read somewhere that people who display a lot of bumper stickers on their car tend to have more road rage than the average person.  Back in Tucson, I believed it.  Most of the bumper stickers I saw were either neutral in nature like the Coexist one, funny like Silly Boys, Trucks are for Girls, or left-wing political.  Around here I've been seeing a number of more conservative bumper stickers and no I'm not talking about in the parking lot of church.  Today we were driving out to the library and I got behind a car with five bumper stickers.  Two of them were something to do with being Irish.  Two of them had to do with being pro-life.  One of those said, "If it's not a baby then you're not pregnant."  And a fifth one has something benign on it.   I've also seen a car with a bumper sticker that had a picture of the President and it read "Does this a** make my car look big?"  We don't have anything on our car.  I'm not inclined to put anything political on it.  For one thing, a lot of political bumper stickers just invite confrontations in the parking lot.  I already have enough of those with my toddler.  For another thing, some of these political bumper stickers are plain uncharitable and unChristian-like.  The prime example is the presidental bumper sticker.  While it may be funny or your political views, is it appropriate?  Shouldn't honest dialogue and leading by example be a better method?  Ah, well.  My other child is kicking me and as a result I need to go make use of the facilities.

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