Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shameless Plug

I've been a bit busy lately or maybe it's lazy.  I've recently decided to throw out (so to speak not actually) my birth record cross-stitch and come up with my own.  I'm having another boy and the problem with many pre-made/kit birth records is they come in pastels and they're "gender-neutral" or very boy.  This is a far cry from the embroidered birth record that hangs on the wall in my parents house marking my own entrance into the world.  My mom's best friend made a raggidy Ann and Andy one.  My poor brother never got one.  So in light of all that and feeling like I should not jip either of my boys, I've designed my own, as I said, and then am proceeding to stitch it myself.  Is it as perfect as the pre-made designs?  No.  But it's more personal especially when I show you what it looks like and why it's special.  I started on Friday night (or was it Thursday) and should be done with it in a few days.  The other one was labor intensive.  And then I plan on starting baby boy number 2s minus the writing.

My next project will be to make pillow covers for the couch.  Those I plan to embroider to look like a quilt my mother made me.  I also want to start to work on making a small child friendly advent wreath.  I plan on sewing up some felt candles and covering a Styrofoam wreath with fabric and then using velcro so the candles can be attached.  I also want to make a simple felt/flannel Advent calendar.  Am I nesting too much?  I haven't even started all the cooking and baking stuff to be frozen, but I've made a list.

I've only got 11 weeks to go and I'm going insane.  The third trimester pains have already started.  Not the labor ones.  The "my body refuses to stretch another inch and my back is killing me" ones.  I learned a little late last pregnancy that tennis balls are my best friends.  I use a wall and put a tennis ball between it and myself and just roll away.  It's so awesome especially when you're alone.

Oh, the shameless plug is for Natural Family Today.  It's a site that I've been writing articles for (as has Mama K).  The topics cover a wide range: Fertility, Attachment Parenting, Homeschooling, Natural Childbirth, Gardening, Breastfeeding, etc.  There's something there for everyone so I encourage you to stop by and read.  There's also one slot for a regular contributor and we take guest submissions as well.  So if you have something to say, we'd love to hear from you.

Okay plug over.  Sewing begins.

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