Monday, September 19, 2011

Thought that I would share

Saw this on another person's blog.  Thought that I would share.  A couple of things that stood out for me (other than the whole thing being entirely disgusting and totally devoid of human emotion),  "abortion is health care."

Um no, abortion is not health care.  Pregnancy is not a disease that needs to be treated.  It's a normal biological function like sneezing.  Unless you're sneezing uncontrollably, a doctor doesn't do anything for you.  Neither should pregnancy be treated as something that needs to be "cured."

"A Baby is a fetus that's been born."  contrasted with "If I had a baby..."  So which is it a baby or not?  Because the dna doesn't change.  If you were to test an unborn pig it will still contain the same genetic material as a born baby pig.  It's the same with humans.  How on earth can anyone not understand that?  *shaking my head* It's like 1984 talk.  You hear the same rhetoric over and over again and you harden yourself to the truth.

"They're all about saving the fetus, but not about raising the kid.  Um you know...if they were more about the rights of kids, then you know."  No I don't know apparently because pro-lifers are about raising the kids.  Many pro-lifers adopt babies.  But to adopt a baby in America is like putting yourself in the lottery.  Most babies are adopted.  It's older children that get stuck in the system.  As far as the rights of children, wow.  Isn't standing up for the right of a child to be born standing up for a child's rights?  Unless he's thinking of child abuse or something, which I've never ever heard a pro-lifer advocating.  Period.  I'm not sure exactly why it doesn't make sense because to kill a child is to violate their fundamental right to live.  All human rights are based on the fundamental right to live and survive, yet abortion violates that.  So I'm so confused on what children's right violations he thinks pro-lifers want to violate.  Of course then you look at all the pro-life clinics and what do they do.  Well they provide parenting classes.  Yep, we're totally not about raising the kid.

Okay sure you're pro-choice, but com'on.  If you're pro-choice simply because you don't understand what pro-life is then you really missed the boat.


  1. It is just heartbreaking to me to see where feminism has ended up. It didn't begin as a movement to encourage women to participate in brutal regimes of power - it was intended to bring those regimes down, and as part of that, to prevent abortion. Why is it such a part of history that those who were formerly oppressed and dehumanized turn around and oppress and dehumanize someone else - in this case, children? It hurts to see.

    The hatred towards religion scares me. I try now only to argue a pro-life stance without reference to religion at all, outside of conversation with people who invite such reference, and the argument against abortion still holds water if a person believes in human rights even in the slightest.

  2. If someone has an agenda and presents "facts" I have a really hard time taking what they say at face value. What piqued my interest was the statement that "abortion accounted for 98% of it's services to pregnant women."

    First off, I originally thought they had just said "women," and I'm pretty sure that was their intent. I would say most "pregnant women" that go to Planned Parenthood are indeed seeking an abortion. If they were pregnant and didn't want an abortion, there aren't too many reasons to go there.

    Second off, I assume the report they're talking about is this one...
    No where in there does it have that statistic, but maybe I don't have the right report.

    Third off, the report I found DOES say that abortion accounts for 3% of their services to women. This is the main reason the government funds Planned Parenthood, because 97% of what they do is not abortion. BTW, government funds cannot be used for abortion, they can only use private funds for that.

    I'm not going to go down the list one by one, because that's far too time consuming. But I just want to point out that the video seemed very very polarized to me. Some pro-choicers arn't any better either, they go out and find hate mongering Christians who think anyone who's performed/had an abortion should be murdered.

    I get really tired of skewed versions of reality.


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