Friday, October 14, 2011

7- Quick Takes-Er um...Green Tips

1) Recycle Me- Wanna be a very shade of dark green?  Recycle Me Organic Tees is a company that uses organic cotton grown in the US, milled in the US, and stitched in the US- Their reasoning is that while it's nice to use eco-friendly fabrics and dyes it creates even less of a footprint when it's done all in one country.  Check them out.  They have infant tees through adult tees at very reasonable prices. I would totally buy a shirt except they don't carry maternity wear.  Drat.  I only have a couple months or so to go so I'll have to wait until then.

2) North Star Toys- Looking for that perfect stocking stuffer for your kid?  Look no further.  North Star Toys is a family owned and operated wooden toy maker.  They use sustainable practices including recycling and donating scraps.  Best of all?  Made in the US.

3) Green Eats- I'm so enjoying our Green Eats dinner wear.  They endure the toddler tossings well.  They also can be washed in the dishwasher.  Green Eats is a line of toddler dining wear made from recycled milk jugs.  They're parent company is Green Toys.  Totally BPA free.  They come in fun colors.  Hubby likes them so much that he told me that we need to buy a couple more of the round divided plates (great for kids who hate their food touching) and since HB is into milk with his cereal, we should buy a few bowls too.  I love Green Toys.  My son loves their dump truck.  I've already decided that his Christmas will include several Green Toys items. Why do I love it so much?  All made in the USA.

4) Yes, My Quick Takes looks like a giant advertisement for products.  But I will tell you that my love of Thirsties is going strong.  Cloth diapering is so fun.  I watch their outlet store a lot to find what I want to try for less.  After ordering a few items that they consider 2nds because of defects, I can tell you I didn't find any.  Check out their site to watch for the deals.  Why do I love Thirsties?  Well they use sustainable practices and they make their stuff in the USA (seeing a theme here).  We tried our Fab Fitted again and this time I used the Thirsties suggestion of putting the hemp stuffing into the cover and not the fitted.  Verdict?  Well Hubby changed it so I don't know if the ammonia was powerful, but no diaper rash and no leaks.  Doing a happy dance.

5) My diapering problem landed me in one of our local cloth diaper stores.  I needed to go their for Rockin' Green detergent anyway.  Which I totally love because it's eco-friendly, totally get rid of nasty diaper smell, and you guessed it, is made in the USA.  Right now if you buy Rockin' Green you may get a Green Ticket with a chance to win several prizes. 

6) So I was talking to the lady about my night time diapering problem and she suggested a side-snapping diaper.  She handed me a Swaddlebees 2.0 and said HB should fit into a Medium with room to grow.  I liked their prints, but I wasn't sure if this what looked like a tiny cloth diaper would fit.  Took it home.  Sure enough.  It's totally trim with room to spare.  The diaper is a tongue style with bird's eye inner and water proofing on the outside.  We have the owl one.  Haven't used it at night because I tried the Thirties again, but it works awesome for daytime.  Trim and smooth across the front for little boys, I highly recommend this one.  And yes, it's made in the USA. 

7) This one is an easy one for you.  Have more children.  I was listening to Catholic Answers via radio and they had the guy who heads of the Population Research Institute (not to be confused with the Population Institute whose agenda is to control the world's population).  Anyways.  One of the callers asked to explain how it's counter-intutitive to the environment to limit the number of children you have.  Well here's his explanation.  You can live in an average size house with one child.  You're family of three would use one fridge, have a microwave, one oven, one tv set, etc. etc.  If you're a family with more children say six, then your family of eight will still use one fridge, have one microwave, one oven, one tv set, etc. etc.  So if you limit the number of children and spread them out so that their are less children sharing basic things, then you are using more energy and more resources to make the same products that a family with more children who live under the same roof uses.  So it makes more sense to live in extended family homes with more children.  So go out there, be fruitful and multiply, and be greener.  Oh, and support your neighbors and use less oil by buying local and made in the USA.

And for my British or Canadian readers, I highly recommend Bummis, Tots Bots, or Motherease for cloth diapering needs.


  1. Comment on the last point. I wouldn't say you're greener by have a family of 6 vs. a family of 3. Yes you're more efficient, but you still consume more overall. So while the carbon footprint per person is indeed smaller, you're still consuming more. It's like buying in bulk. Yes it's cheaper per item, but you're still paying more overall.

  2. Wow, I repeat myself a lot...

    Wow, I repeat myself a lot...


  3. Yes, and no. If you look at overall consumption, it really depends.

    Fuel- All your children go to the same school, you have built in car pooling. All different ages, therefore different schools, extra fuel use. Unless you can coordinate each child in a car pool.

    Food- Large families are able to eat food long before it spoils. Small families, like ours, tend to find things molding before we can consume them. I kindly remind you of our raspberries.

    Clothing- Large families tend to use hand me downs. Our friend, who shall remain nameless, has twins tends to not use hand me downs and buys clothes so they are dressed alike. Major consumption for a family of four.

    Should I keep going?

  4. It's efficient consumption that matters. And having a larger family makes you more efficient. A smaller family (with the same number of people spread out) makes you less efficient. So it's important to have large families especially living in extended family groups. Understand?


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