Friday, October 7, 2011

Aaron Tobey- You're my hero

This is a bit of old news.  I live around college students and they can do some stupid and yet bold things.   In this case, Aaron Tobey seems extremely intelligent and did a bold deed that only college students seem to do.  (I can't imagine scrawling the 4th amendment to my prego belly).  Below is the video describing his run in with the TSA last December.

Here's a picture:  

And so what's happening now.  Well Tobey and the Rutherford Institute, which defends civil liberties, have sued the government officials and the TSA personnel for violating both Tobey's 1st (freedom of speech) and 4th (unreasonable search) amendment rights.   So far a district judge has thrown out the suit for the government but has retained it against the specific TSA agents.  So maybe it will be a turn around in the system. 

Aaron, You the Man!  Thanks for doing/saying the thing that most of us feel.  You should change your major.

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