Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Falling off the Wall

So I've been juggling a lot lately, but I thought I'd check in to tell you that I'm not in labor and I haven't died.  Yet.

No, HB has had the runs and we took him to the pedi who said it was a virus and probably would take 7-14 days to run it's course.  Which wouldn't be so bad, but I'm 8 months preggo and on the verge of.... of loosing it.  I've already dealt with the cold.  Now I get to deal with the constant demand to nurse because of an aching stomach right during the time when I need the nursing to slow up a bit.

My body hates me.  Needless to say.  But I'm trying to remember to eat more protein (as advised) and attempt to sleep.  I say attempt because I've gotten to the point of sleeping on the couch.  The bed and it's massive maternity pillow are no longer comfortable.  This is what I did last pregnancy too although it resulted in a fretting Hubby who felt rejected.  This time he waves me off to the couch saying "I hope you get some good sleep tonight."  I'll try.  It's getting up multiples times.  The having to be somewhat awake to turn over.  And the fact that my back is constantly hurting unless I am horizontal and even then it hurts somewhat. 

It's getting to me.  Can't you tell?  It's getting to the point that I no longer want to leave my house with my child for fear of not being able to move fast enough.  So Hubby has to stay home and help me take him to the doctor and help me go to my own doctor.  Which has problems.  It's a birth center.  They cancel last minute.  Then want to reschedule.  Hubby groans looks at his schedule and declares he can't reschedule and if he is to, it has to be a certain day.

Oh, and I took a lovely nap with a weird dream involving me cooking ice cream.  I don't get it either.  But at some point something crashed and I discovered that a wall decoration fell off the wall.  It was hanging above my head.  Fortunately it hit the head board and stayed there otherwise you'd be hearing me bemoan a head ache accompanied with a giant bruise.

How many more weeks do I have?  And how many more meals do I need to cook?  I need a pay pal account set-up to take donations for "I can no longer clean my house and I need a nanny asap"  People ask me which pregnancy was harder.  It's definitely this one.

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