Thursday, October 20, 2011

Freezer Meals


So my husband declared today that I am not 8 months pregnant.  To which I arched an eye brow and said "Um... yes, I am.  8 times 4 equals 32.  And I'm 32 weeks along."  He kept arguing the point until I finally googled it, which said if you are 32-35 weeks then you are in your 8th month.  Hence the "I'm 8 month's pregnant."   He conceded saying it was too confusing and didn't make much sense.  No it doesn't really make much sense because you don't say a child is one years old until they reach a full year.  But with pregnancy it goes by what month your in, not what month you just completed.

But anyways...

Tomorrow we're going on a date.  It's actually just a lecture.  Our neighbor is willing to watch our child for a few hours.  She's already met him so he should be okay, but we'll see.  With the virus, we've been having a clingy kid.  Although his poop is normal and his appetite is slowly coming back.  Our neighbor lives above us.  She's taking some classes so that she can enter the natural medicine department as a med student.  Funny because she smokes, but maybe she's quitting.

I'm pretty proud of myself at the moment.  I've been working like mad (not on all those crafty projects.  Those can wait).  I've been trying to catch up on my freezer meals.  See the thing with freezing meals is that they only last 3 months in a standard freezer/refrigerator.  If we had a deep freeze, I would have started this project sooner because things last longer in deep freeze.  But alas, until we own an actual house (not a condo or an apartment), we are stuck.  I started a list a month ago with everything we've eaten before that's frozen well.

Last pregnancy I shrugged it off.  I bought a couple of packaged frozen meals and that was it.  Thankfully the MOPS people brought food and my in-laws bought a bunch.  Otherwise we would have been in for it.  This time I'm better prepared to know just how much food my body will be scarfing down and the needs of Hubby and HB.  Also my church will bring meals to us for a week.  So I've decided to make 14 freezer meals in large batches for the following two weeks.  Hopefully with big batches that will mean left overs that can be filled in with something simple like sandwiches.  So I won't have to cook for most of a month.  Theoretically.

I also plan on trying to get as much stuff frozen that we'll need as possible like side veggies, waffles, muffins, pumpkin bread, french bread (cause bread freezes well), texas toast, regular bread, and corn bread.  I figure a quick trip to get perishables will be okay for Hubby and HB to do.

This is the list of meals in no particular order:
1) chili
2) cajun casserole
3) poppy seed chicken
4) skillet lasgna- which uses sausage
5) pot roast stew
6) potato soup
7) tortilla soup
8) mini meat loaves
9) chicken n' dumplings
10) gumbo
11) tuna casserole
12) pizza spaghetti
13) pizza casserole
14) chicken spaghetti

The great thing about having a list is that I can see what the main ingredients are and try to cook a couple of dishes that share similar things at once.  Plus I can vary it up in case I run out of time.  So in other words, I cook two meals a week (but I'm behind so it's been three).  And of those two meals that I pick they are similar.  Then the next week I can pick two different meals.

Better example:  I cooked two vegetarian meals: potato soup and tuna casserole.  Then this week I cooked chili and right now the mini meat loaves have just come out of the oven.  I'm letting them cool before freezing them.

Next week I'm thinking about buying a whole chicken fryer and working on a couple of chicken meals.  I'm thinking the chicken spaghetti because it's labor intensive for me and something simple like tortilla soup which requires little effort.  I'll probably throw in the pot roast stew just to catch up.

The following week I'm thinking the cajun casserole, poppy seed chicken, and the skillet lasagne.  They are the odd people out since the poppy seed chicken requires chicken breasts and not really chicken pieces.  The cajun casserole has beef (the last one) and the skillet lasagna is the only one that requires ground sausage.

Of course I have to throw in the baking stuff too.  I've made waffles enough for one breakfast and I've got all the stuff to make a couple of loaves of pumpkin bread.  The french bread, regular bread, and texas toast I'll save for last since you can find them in a store (I don't plan on making them).

So there you have it.  Lesson learned about preparing yourself for birth.  Now I need to start thinking about breast pumps and sleep.

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