Monday, October 3, 2011


don't you hate when that happens.  You write something up.  You go to add a picture and then poof, it's gone.  The whole dang post.  Oh, well.

Does anybody got any good nighttime diaper solutions they would like to share?  It's becoming a huge frustration of mine.  I guess I'll write the whole thing up later.  I'm too tired and stinky.


  1. Is the diaper leaking? or is he taking it off? My oldest granddaughter(21 months) tends to take it off and later anoint the room with poo. They use duct tape to keep the diaper on at night, now!

  2. LOL- no we use cloth diapers so the problem is two fold. Either it leaks because of the materials used to retain the liquid. Or it's stuffed too much and therefore he can shoot out of the top. Or it doesn't leak but he smells like ammonia in the morning. We've been using disposables at night, but I don't like doing that. I've been trying to come up with a good solution and have been scanning everyone's ideas and they aren't really working for us. But it's a long post on that for later.

  3. Do you have any hemp inserts? Or bamboo? Or combo? I really prefer having hemp inserts in at night because they hold more and don't take up as much space. Doopsy's are my fav... and she has one's that have PUL on one side too (they're bamboo not hemp). I like those for nighttime too.

    As for the ammonia smell, have you tried stripping the diapers? They might just barely need it.

  4. Yes, we've got hemp which I love. I used to stuff them into the pocket's but then it still made the pocket's bulky and he would some how aim up.

    As for the ammonia smell, I bought a fitted diaper and only used it once (after following manufacturers prep) so I'm thinking it's my kid's urine (needs to drink more water) or it's because he urinates early in evening and goes about 10 hours in it. Judging the sores, I'm inclined to think he urinates before nodding off.

    I'm still working it out. I haven't tried the fitted again to illuminate the sore thing. My husband and I tend to do the "I thought you changed him" thing on the weekends. I've already had a talk about we must change him after he eats and every 2-3 hours (he though 3-4 like the disposables). So he had a few full diaper loads before that night. Could have been that's the cause.

    I give it another couple of gos with some different stuffing ideas (hemp and other doublers) to see if that helps.

    Upside though is that using the fitted meant it all stayed in the diaper. Now if I can get good absorbancy/smell ratio, I'm set.


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