Saturday, October 29, 2011

Movie Review: For the Bible Tells Me So

So one night I was up late and came across a netflix movie, For the Bible Tells Me So.  The description states that the movie is about how Christians use Biblical passages to justify "human rights abuses."  So I'm thinking like racial issues, women's issues, etc. etc.

Boy, was I wrong.  The whole thing is talking about homosexuality.  The main focus was on several different American families who discovered that their child was gay.  A lot of it explored the Episcopal take on several Biblical passages about homosexuality (only actually tackling the ones in Leviticus and Romans and ignoring the creation story as well as Jesus's own dialogues about marriage).  And the Evangelical take on homosexuality.

At one point they mentioned the Roman Catholic Church's stance, but breezed past it since the focus was on either homosexuality being totally okay or should we stone homosexuals like Lev. says too.  I was upset to see that the RC was portrayed as bigoted without much explanation that there is middle ground.  You can have same-sex attraction without acting upon it.  Unfortunately, a number of church's view even SSA as being sinful rather than disordered.

The most horrifying part was a cartoon clip in the middle of the movie (yes, I watched the whole thing figuring it's good research).  They brought up a number of problems people have with homosexuality and countered it.

Natural law:  "It's unnatural for people of the same gender to have sex"  The movie's response "you will find a number of species engaging in homosexual sex"  My response:  Yes, and you will also find a number of species having sex with their young ie children, with dead animals, inter species sex, coercive sex ie rape, and sex after which they eat the male ie murder after sex.  If these things are all supposed to be "okay" because they happen in the animal kingdom why do we have so many laws against them?  Is it because perhaps we have a conscious and animals don't?  We recognize that having sex with a child is not okay.  We recognize murder after copulation is also not okay.  Sorry, this response to what is "natural" doesn't really hold water.

Born this way:  The movie sites a number of studies about male homosexuals being born gay.  Two things they talk about is the "gay gene."  These studies typically involve twins and how the odds are higher that both will be gay (pointing to some sort of gene connection despite there not being one gene found).  The problem is that the participates were usually openly gay and thus skewing the results.  They also picked twins who were mono-mono twins and thus shared the same sack and placenta and not other types of twins like mono-di or di-mono or di-di twins.  They also looked at the history of gays and those in the family who were gay which seems to be linked to the paternal side, but no conclusively.

The other thing they like to say is that birth order makes a difference.  Supposedly if you've had one boy the odds of each subsequent boy being gay are 33 % higher.  (I'm not sure how you can explain that to my family since neither of my mother's two brothers are gay, my grandfather and his brother were not gay, and I could go on from there).  The theory is that because you are male in a female's body the antibodies produced have an affect on the second boy.  The second boy becomes "feminized" as the movie says (insulting to second and subsequent males born).  This theory doesn't hold water since, as I pointed out, if this was true there would be a higher incidence of homosexuality.  And well there isn't.  So obviously antibodies attacking the baby doesn't hold water.

And because there is no absolute certainly only a few controversial studies, most scientists conclude that it's really a combination of things that could prove that gay men are born this way: genes, hormones, and environment.  So is really a person born this way?  Obviously the research into born this way ideology is very small, but so far the movie and other homosexual behavior propaganda has made these studies sound more conclusive than they really are.

All in all, this movie was terrible.  It portrayed Christians as a bunch of bigoted idiots who can't embrace their children unless they fall for the homosexual agenda hook line and sinker.  It's disgusting bias about homosexuality was worse.

The Bible says that you also shouldn't lie.  I think the movie did a good job of stretching the truth or obscuring it to make homosexual behavior out to be a "human right's abuse" issue.


  1. From what you've told me the movie sounds pretty dumb, and is based on shoddy arguments.

    One point on what I understand about the research. Instead of saying "they were born this way," perhaps a better interpretation would be "they don't choose to be this way." While there are certainly people who are proud to be gay and want to be gay, there are many others who wish they were not gay. If people were choosing to be gay, then they could just as easily choose to not be gay. The research shows that people can't choose to not be gay.

    I'm seriously skeptical that there we will ever discover a "gay gene" because the whole premise of life is to reproduce. If a "gay gene" ever exited in the genome, I find it highly unlikely that natural selection wouldn't have eliminated it. Yes homosexual acts occur in the natural world, but from what I understand those are more about dominance, and the ones that do that still actually reproduce via a member of the opposite sex (so at the most extreme they are bisexual).

    Personally, I see social influences as being far more important. We already know there are events in someone's life that predispose them to being homosexual (molested as a child, for example). That, or possibly something in utero (we'll see how the non-first born theory holds up to further scrutiny).

  2. Yes, I agree. I don't believe that a person chooses to be gay. I've talked a little bit about that before. But I don't think it's something inherited like a gene, which is what I've argued for before. Too much research has talked about the sexual development of children (ie gender awareness, gender role awareness, and sexual attraction) to prove that you aren't really born with a gene. It's more environmental.


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