Monday, October 31, 2011

Nine Musings

1) So Hubby is switching around his calendar to take Mondays off and work Saturdays, which is nice.  It helps me free up time for help with things like HB's dentist appointment and my chiropractic appointment.  Pregnancy at this late stage is killer on my body.  I can't sit for any length of time without considerable pain and if I've been laying down for too long, I tend to have trouble moving around.  A friend had gone during her pregnancy and said it helped a ton.  And then I mentioned my back pain to the group (since I missed a session because I knew I couldn't endure an hour and half of sitting), a lady there mentioned her chiro does prenatal chiro and recommended him.  So I'm hoping that this will help me out.  Now if only I could sleep better at night.

2) HB is getting oh, so good with signing.  He signs sentences now.  Daddy's at work.  And one he's been interested in saying lately is Mommy and Daddy (what it means exactly I don't know but that's what he says).  He also knows a few animals: duck, cat, spider (it's not the asl version but it works), dog (a shorter asl version), and bird.  He also sings a lot.  He can dance to Looby Loo or attempts to.  He's figured out that there is more to it than moving one of his arms correctly and spinning.  He still babels, but every once and a while I hear an actual word.  Signing is what he feels most comfortable in.  It keeps him from screaming.  Tonight at dinner his dad asked him if he was "all done" or wanted something "different."  He signed different, but dad mistook it for all done.  Then he screamed until I told Hubby that he said different and not all done.  So he calmed down after that.  Toddlers really want to be understood.

3) We trick or treated for UNICEF again this year.  We did okay considering half the complex is made up of college students.  One door we knocked on the poor girl was crying because her fiance had dumped her.  I felt bad for her almost wanted to scoop her up and tell her to join us on our charitable fun, but it seemed that she wanted to go back and cry some more.

4) Also took HB to a community carnival on Saturday.  It was a family event, but as you can well imagine some of the adults I think should have been a little bit more thoughtful in their costume choice.  Some of them were just plain scary.  Why would you pick something like that to wear around little children?  Each of the booths set up were for non-profits (mostly).  The Le Leche League chapter had a cake walk and the Knights of Columbus had some sort of carni game involving a football.  We stuck to some easy ones like the fishing pole and pulling a duck out of the water.  It was fun.  You bought tickets (a quarter a piece) and each of the organizations used the event to earn money.

5) Speaking of Halloween, I came across this from a Christian headcovering site. 
10-21-10 Please note: Due to my personal convictions I will not sell coverings to someone if I know they will be used for costuming purposes for Halloween.  There may be cases where I wouldn't mind a costume in general as long as it is used in a Godly and respectful way...but a Halloween costume is not among them.  I do not mean to offend or hurt anyone's feelings, but I am adamantly opposed to that holiday and what it stands for.  I prefer that my covering sewing time be used for making coverings that are to be worn for Biblical purposes.   This is obviously something that must be on your individual honor as I do not always know what a person may place their order for.  It only just occurred to me that someone might wish to order for that reason and I just felt led to post this as a policy, especially as it is that time of year.

I suppose my question would be what does she think the holiday "stands for" exactly.  I'm almost tempted to shoot her an e-mail or something and ask her.  Do you think that's a good idea or should I just not step into it since she didn't really open herself up into a theological or evangelizing session?  

The reason is that contrary to popular belief Halloween is not a pagan holiday and doesn't have pagan origins.  A lot of people like to try and tie it to the Celts since the Celts have a holiday around this time of year.  But Halloween is a contraction of the word All Hallows Eve (much like Christmas means Christ and Mass).   It simply means the day before All Saints Day.  Basically it's like Christmas Eve.

All Saints Day is about celebrating those in heaven.  Nov. 2 is All Souls Day which is supposed to be a day of prayer for those in purgatory and those here on earth yet to be judged.

Unfortunately a number of Protestants have never liked the holiday.  Early on you were looked down as a "Papist" for celebrating it.  Now it's because it's a celebration of the "occult" or "witchcraft" which is silly because that whole part of it is largely commercialized and not true.  Some choose to use the holiday to save souls with exhibition of Hell Houses.  This is a nice thought, but totally missing out on what the holiday is supposed to be about, which is a celebration/ party for those in heaven.  No need to bash people over the head with a stick over salvation when we have a good number of models for heaven.  The vast majority of Protestants view it as simply being a secular holiday, which again it's not.

I'm guess the lady thinks the holiday is a celebration of the occult or paganism.   But who knows.

6) '7 Billionth' Babies World wide-  You'd think from the title that they were saying that 7 Billion babies have been born recently or that this is the 7 Billionth baby born on earth.  But neither is true.  The babies being born mark the 7 billion people alive on earth currently.  The article is deeply skewed.   You'd think we were over populated or something.  What they should start talking about is the fact that a large percentage of the population is over the age of 65.  In fact there are predictions that say that there will soon be more people age 65 plus than 5 and under in the next few years.  Yet we're fixated on the number of children born which is declining as the reason for the large world wide population.  Really people should be focusing on the seniors.  Let's get rid of them.  We need a big euthanasia fest since seniors burden society.  Right?  Just Kidding.  It's a lot easier to pick on people for having children than to pick on people who are already here.  Both groups are valuable, but people won't start realizing that until their SS checks start getting too small to live off of.

7)  And the Leak in our bathroom is supposed to be fixed with awesome calk.  Yeah.  Not really buying that one.  But okay.  We'll see if that's going to be the case.  I'm sure our neighbor upstairs is upset about not being able to use his bathroom shower.  

8) As always fascinated by the Duggar's, I recently read an interview where it seems that they practice Gentle Discipline of sorts.  She says that her children are allowed to tell her when she's being angry (I suppose outside of righteous anger which is different).  And she says that she taught them early on to work out their problems themselves before coming to mom to fix it.  It was very interesting.  She's also a big fan of all children doing their share around the house.  And (I really don't know how she can handle this) she only sleeps 6 hours at night.  I'd be functional, but not chipper with that little amount.  I'm not sure how she handles the late night trips to the bathroom toilet during pregnancy because I don't get 6 hours straight but maybe collectively these days.  

9) Oh, I'm so looking forward to Advent.  Aren't you?  I wish it was colder here, but alas I will deal with the heat as best as possible.  Something about Advent makes me think of snow.  That and there are only two weeks left to "go for launch" time.  That is if I go into labor that early I can deliver.  But I doubt I'll give birth then.  Little brother is happy to stay right where he is despite the jabs from older brother. 


  1. I thought I'd heard differently about the Duggars and discipline, but there are so many rumors about them it wouldn't surprise me if someone was trying to be nasty before.

    I am very much looking forward to Advent :-)

    And I saw some interesting costume choices too. My favourite was this awful zombie clown pushing a stroller w/ a small child (around a year old). I can't even imagine....

  2. The Duggar's recently published another book and I'm interested in reading it once it becomes available at the library and I have time. I think there are a lot of nasty rumors out there surrounding them. One of the big one's is doesn't she breastfeed her children because of the LAM thing. And she says she does, but it still doesn't prevent pregnancy. I can attest that's true. My cycle started back within a month and I haven't stopped breastfeeding. It's a woman by woman thing (but you know that).

    They are nice people and I think it makes them a good target since they would never say anything nasty back.


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