Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Birthing Center Misgivings

Maybe I'm crabby because it's the end of a long road.  Maybe I should just lighten up, but....I'm missing my old ob terribly.  Not cause she was the greatest in the birth room, but because she didn't fret so much when it came to prenatal care. 

1) Length of time- I understand that the birthing center is very "wholistic" in the sense that it looks at the whole of the woman.  So they make appointments for an hour.  But I really dread a whole hour because they seem like mini lectures with a toddler who is restless thrown in.  I like shorter times.  20 minutes suites me just fine.  I really can't honestly express myself thoroughly anyway when I'm trying to make sure that my toddler isn't scratching their "precious" floor with their toddler chairs.

2) Promotion of goods- They don't accept kick backs as the mid-wife explained, but they sure do push certain brands.  She basically handed me an empty box for some pre-natal vitamins that cost 30 dollars for a whole month's bottle in the store.  She said they were better than the prescription kind because the scripts have "filler."  It still urks me a little.

3) They don't contract with insurance- Because they don't like to play by the medical community rules, they don't contract with insurance carriers.  This could be a good thing in that they get to decide how many patients to take and who to take.  It can also be a red flag that they are so belligerent that they don't want to work with the main stream medical community at all.  They also don't carry liability insurance.  I guess they aren't afraid of law suits.

4) This statement urks me too.  To give context it's talking about research by a Dr. Wallach.  "Because the Cystic Fibrosis gene is reportedly present in only 1 out of 2500 persons this clearly proves that cystic fibrosis is not a genetic disorder."  The whole cystic fibrosis diagnosis, the article says, is really a selenium deficiency.  The reason it urks me is because if that were the case then you would see a higher prevalence of cystic fibrosis in lower income/poor areas due to lack of nutrition.  But cystic fibrosis shows up in Caucasian population groups not across the board populations like Downs does.  So this theory that CF is "not a genetic disorder" blew my lid and made me want to drop these people.  Sure taking selenium probably does help with the affects of CF, but to say that there is no evidence that CF is a genetic disorder well....I'm stunned.  There are way too many scientific studies out there to prove otherwise.  And it's just common sense to see that a selenium deficiency theory doesn't hold water.

5) They're thick "medical history" packet- The ob (there is an ob and midwife there) keeps insisting on this and I just magically don't bring it.  It's a packet full of redundancies and stuff that makes absolutely no sense to my medical care.  To top it off, I find it way too personal.  They asked me questions about my childhood eating habits.  What that has to do with the way I eat now I don't know.  Wouldn't it be better to ask more specific questions like having a history of an eating disorder?  Or this one really just made me stop filling the thing out "has your mother had an abortion, miscarriage, etc."  Okay not me.  My mother.  And and they say at the top that if you feel uncomfortable asking your mother these questions to ask someone else.  Yeah, I'm going to go up to my mom's best friend and ask this question and feel more comfortable about it.  Uh, no.  I seriously don't understand what my mother's abortions or not abortions have anything to do with me. 

I get the asking family medical history questions, previous pregnancy questions, even my thoughts and experiences about other people pregnancies (they are "wholistic") but really isn't that just an invasion of someone else's privacy?  So I drew the line and told Hubby.  I'm not finishing this stupid thing.  If she wants to really know why I don't bring it in then I'll be straight with her, it's too personal and it's offensive to me.  How's that for "wholistic" care.

6) Big into needing more protein-  At the old ob I would pee on a stick and the stick had two lines on it.  I would show it to the nurse who would then discard it into bio hazards.  Here I pee on a stick with like 12 lines and throw it into the regular trash myself.  I also have to look at the stuff myself and try to decipher what it means.  Inevitably it says I don't drink enough water.  I've been given a couple of different bits of advice.  The best one being today coming from the mid-wife in training who suggested chugging water in the morning because I might be starting out my day a little dehydrated and never getting on track. 

But the ob didn't seem phased.  She kept pushing protein like I was deficient or something.  I don't even know if she even looked at my blood tests because as far as I know my protein is fine.  But she's so concerned about my nursing that she keeps on insisting on protein.  I'm not a vegetarian BTW.  I drink a lot of milk.  I do my part.  I just don't have time to try and guess as to how many grams I'm eating during the day.  If I would her, I would be more concerned about my lack of veggies.  I have a tendency to grab the burger and not the salad.  But she spins protein around so much she forgets to even ask what I had yesterday.  Hubby tells me that if I'm not going to cave about the dang medical history packet that I should at least take up her suggestion of protein powder.  Fine.  If that will get the monkey off my back.

7) "Concerns about last weeks trip to triage"- I say this in quotes because she didn't even know about it until I mentioned it.  Then tried to get me to recount details while keeping a watch on HB.  So she referred to it as pre-term labor.  Folks it was not pre-term labor.  If that was the case, I'd been told to be on bed rest.  She's really making mountains out of mole hills.  And I'm not sure if this is entirely her fault or the mid-wife's, but they need to put that sorta stuff in their file.  She asked about my activities and I told her that I was cutting back.  But not once did she ask about my sleep.  Nor while she told me to stop doing anything, does she realize that that's really impossible.  Unless given bed rest, Hubby can't justify to work that he has to take time off to give me a "break."  So I roll my eyes.

I suppose my biggest beef is that I end up being lectured to and all the while dealing with my child, which makes it hard for me to think, to mention things, or to defend my actions.  They say they are all about the woman and her feelings and needs, but I feel like they are hacking me off.  That and I think the ob should back off on my parenting skills with HB.  She equated us having HB sit and watch (no touching) of computers with torture.  It's a compromise.  He can have a no or a yes, where he destroys peoples property or a "can learn a torturous" skill as a compromise. 

Maybe it's that last trimester moodiness, but I told Hubby that if she's on call during delivery I may be kicking her out and delivering the baby myself.  I hate people who patronize.  Especially "educated" people.  Not having a bunch of degrees, doesn't mean you're an idiot.  And having a bunch of degrees doesn't mean your a genius.  And she should know that since she's stepped away from main stream medical community practices.


  1. Hugs... I prefer the longer visits but I didn't get lectured so much so I'm sure that makes a huge difference. I could be completely off base but my "guess" is that its because your midwife works so closely with a dr. Ours had one they consult when needed but I never met him since I didn't need to. He never interfered at all.

    The vitamins... I can kinda get. Its not so much fillers, but if they're what I think they are they're probably whole food vitamins instead of synthetic. Meaning they're processed a ton better. But... if you can't afford them you can't. I couldn't stomach them either lol. We weren't given a hard time about it at all. Actually our bc has a list of vitamins as options and we could choose from there or another whatever we wanted.

    I remember protein being pushed too but I tend to not eat enough of it anyway lol. Midwives are big on keeping you healthy so I can see it, but... the you checking your levels and her just guessing at what's deficient thing doesn't sound right either.

    The insurance thing... in some ways prob gives them more leeway. Ours works with insurance, but the liability means they're bound and can't do certain things at the bc so we'd have to switch to a home birth if we ever have twins or stay breech.

    I'd bite my tongue on the CF thing. Personal opinions.. I agree with you though. I have a friend who's son was just diagnosed.

    The med packet is.. wow. I get some things but that does seem like too much.

    I can see them being a little worried about you going in too, but.. not to that point.

    Sorry you're frustrated! Hope things get better!

  2. I have been lucky that after my first I found a like minded family practice(most go to my church) who delivered the next four. Yes, it was at a hospital but a small local hospital where I was often the only patient in the OB ward. My last child was delivered by a dr friend. She has also delivered my 3 grandkids(my youngest child and oldest grandchild are 2 years apart) Ask around to see if there is a more compatible dr who your friends have used.


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