Thursday, October 13, 2011

No, Your Eyes...

No, your eyes don't deceive you.  This is another wall painting from San Xavier Mission in Tucson.  The previous one was about Pentecost (I'm behind in my updating the blog) and this one is Mary with the infant Jesus with maybe you can tell a cloth diaper.  That's right, my friends.  Took me a while to make the connection.  But the Bible says the infant Jesus was swaddled in cloth.  And why did they swaddle him?  Well, not only to keep him warm, but also to avoid being pooped upon.  So Jesus had a fluffy bum.  Hence another part of the pun in my blog title :  Diapers and Drivel.  Because I talk about the diapers in my own life, but Jesus pooed a few himself.  I know people avoid the topics of blood, vomit, and poo like they are the plague (okay they were part of the plague), but honestly Jesus bled, he probably vomited a few times since he was human (and divine), and of course he pooed.  My friend used to say "Even the Pope Poops.  And I hope he has some fantastically good ones too."  So here's to the Pope.  May he have had or will have a good poo today.  And here's to Our Lord and Savior, who humbled himself enough to eat and poo with us.  :)


  1. This reminds me of my husband. He will sit there pooting and grinning, claiming he can't help it, he's a man. Which brings up the thought of the cardinals sitting around with the pope, all men...

  2. Yes, I had a few funny thoughts of them being locked up voting and a few of them had to go about their business. Do they read the Bible or a religious mag while sitting on the loo, I wonder? My friend made the comment to point out that they are all just men and therefore have the same complaints and have to go use the toilet like the rest of us. After that when I think of someone in power, famous, or meet someone like the Bishop, I remind myself that at some point today they have to poo just like me. I guess it's the basic things we all have in common. God doesn't allow anyone to skip a poop even himself.


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