Saturday, October 1, 2011

Say Cheese

So I've taken some pictures of certain food products to let you know where this stuff is coming from.

Ordinarily I don't buy Bordens. Not cause I have a problem with them, but because my family was a Kraft family. I like their cheese. It tastes fine. It was on sale so I bought it. This is the wrapper.

My usual Kraft Cheese.

Back of Bordens label. Notice it says Made in America. Now what does this mean? Does it mean the milk and stuff came from America? Or does it mean it was processed in America? Since the wording is not clear, one has to assume at least at some point the cheese came from America. At least they disclose. Most food doesn't.

Case in point. Kraft. If you look at the label it tells you how to contact the company. This is the customer service in the US. It does not tell you where it was processed or where the stuff to make the cheese came from. It misleads consumers into thinking that the cheese is US made, but the reality is unless Kraft tell you, you don't really know. Although I didn't take pictures of the entire wrap, I assure you it did not indicate where it was made. Verdict: I think I'll buy more Bordens cheese.

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