Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Stinks has a Cold

I call my kid Stinks.  It's short for Stinky Poop Pooper.  He understands that I'm talking about him when I say Stinks.  So yesterday, I mentioned the up-chucking episode.  Well last night, my dear one, the Stinks, woke up at 10 pm.  Not his whimper from a bad dream, which happens from time to time, but a full on cry.  And I thought, "Oh, dear.  He's vomited again." 

What I came in on, thank Heaven, was not vomit, but a snotty kid who is having a hard time being comfortable.  So I sit up with him and hold him while Hubby tries to get the humidifier to work.  We end up with a lot of water sloshed on the floor (again thank heaven for cloth diapers because those prefolds are so absorbent).  Finally I get it to work.  We set it up and I shove the pillow under one side of the mattress to elevate it.  I know this is bad to do with a mattress on a regular basis.

We go to bed at 10:30 and everybody sleeps through the night except me and little brother who are up about 5-6 to make use of the facilities.  Of course, Hubby thought it wasn't worth it to get the humidifier out, but he probably got more sleep then he would have had had HB not had it.

Right now, HB is asleep which I don't think will last long.  I myself dozed off this morning on the couch.  I think of the entire family.  I'm the one who is loosing sleep, which I keep reminding Hubby about that as he complains about going to bed an hour later than he'd like.  HB's cold isn't too bad.  It's a clear snot.  So we'll wait it out.

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  1. Poor thing! I hope he gets better soon and that you get some rest!


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