Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tot School- Ideas for Halloween/ All Saints Day

Ideas for Tot School- some of them we've done, others planning on, and not because he's a little on the young side (tots range for 1-3)

Songs and Finger Play-
Itsy Bitsy Spider
5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate
Dem Bones, Dem Bones

Pumpkin week
Jack O Lantern- Old Milk Jug with cap, Marbles or dried beans, orange paint tempura- Take and put a couple of tablespoons of paint into milk jug, add marbles or dried beans, put on cap and have child shake the contents (you might want to do this in the bathroom or outside where it's easy to clean up should the jug leak a little)- Variations can have child decorate outside with a face- can add a glow stick at night to show through paint

Paper Bag Pumpkin- brown paper bag, newspaper for stuffing, orange and green tempura paint- put newspaper inside a brown paper bag, twist the top to form a stem, may want to secure with a rubber band or twisty tie, have child paint outside- Variation can decorate the face

Pumpkin Stamping- small pumpkin, orange tempura paint, construction paper- cut bottom portion of pumpkin off, have child dip it into paint and then apply to paper- Variations- can use different size pumpkins and also talk about small and big

Pumpkin collage- construction paper, glue, and pre-cut (or if old enough torn out pages) pictures from a magazine- have child glue pumpkins on while discussing silly or scary faces, colors of pumpkin (usually the varieties are white or orange), can also count number of pumpkins in collage

Pumpkin bread
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin seeds

I highly recommend that you give your child the easy task of mixing or scooping out seeds.  I also recommend cooking a pumpkin as opposed to using a recipe that calls for canned pumpkin.  You can bake both the seeds to ground up for a nutritious treat and the guts to make anything else.  They also will get the concept of pumpkins being something you eat (not just for decoration).  If you want to, you can decorate a pumpkin with non-toxic paint (or carve it although for young children it would be scooping out the guts) and then cook it later.

Spider Web- black construction paper, salt or sugar, shaker (for salt or sugar), non-toxic glue, and a box- Take black construction paper, have child squeeze out glue or can smear it on, then place paper in box and have child shake out edible salt or sugar- allow to dry and you have a spider web- Variation cooled and cooked spaghetti noodles, they stick just as well and give more of a 3d effect

Spider figure 8- Cut a black piece of construction paper into a figure 8 (head and body) cut out 8 strips of paper and have child glue to figure 8, discuss head and body and 8 legs of a spider

All Saints Day
Mummy/Lazarus raised from the dead
You can read the tale about Lazarus raising from the dead in his burial shroud and then have fun toilet papering your toddler or having them toilet paper you into a mummy.

All Saints Costumes- Pick a saint and have your child dress up as one while discussing why that person is a saint
All Saints coloring pages- enough said- also can dot page with finger paints and allow to dry, then give toddler a paint brush and water and watch as your all saints day coloring page comes alive

Ghosts costuming- use an old sheet or pillow case and create a ghost for Day of the Dead

Ghosts- can use paper towel or white fabric and stuff extra into top and secure with rubber band and allow child to decorate with makers

Visit a cemetery- Decorate the grave of a loved one or pick an old grave stone for All Souls Day- decorate with flowers- great for discussions about the after life and death-

Other Food
Candy Apples- Can have child dip apple into caramel or into toppings under good supervision
Popcorn balls- can purchase a popcorn ball form and have child push popcorn into it to form a ball (again hot so under supervision)

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