Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TSA Lacks Sympathy

The TSA announced not too long ago that they planned to decrease the number of pat downs children under 12 would experience and they would not require children under 12 to remove their shoes.  They made HB remove his shoes, which in my opinion is utterly ridiculous.  He wears a size 5 infant/toddler shoe.  How in the world am I going to stuff a bomb in one of his shoes?  To top it off, do they really think I wanted to deal with the hassle of removing and then putting back on his shoes?  It smacks of stupidity.

But even if TSA is finally getting it when it comes to children, they lack any bit of sympathy when it comes to people with medical conditions.

Here is the latest about a woman with breast cancer who had a medical card having her breasts touched.  And they say that they handled it according to protocol because there are no allowances made when a person produces a medical card versus one who doesn't

From the TSA:  "Medical cards, whether from a physician or TSA, do not exempt you from screening. They're a great way for passengers to discreetly let us know about a medical situation or disability they have. This is very helpful for the passenger and our officers because it lets us know how to better screen the passenger. Passengers may present these cards at the checkpoint to our officers. In this case, our officers should have allowed the passenger to present her card and been more empathetic to her situation while completing the screening process."

So what exactly is the point of having a medical card if they are still going to touch you where you just had a double mastectomy?  That doesn't seem "empathetic" to me.  And by the way, TSA, empathy means you've gone through this before or shared a similar experience.  I highly doubt that everyone who screens passengers has had a double mastectomy or some other body part removed from their person.  Nor do I think the TSA screens it's own employees with such disdain as they do passengers.  So maybe compassion would be a better word choice.  Although they lack that too.

Or how about this poor woman back in June who had to remove her adult diaper because they could tell the difference between an incendiary device and human soilage.   

What is the world coming to.  I'm seriously hoping that the airlines stop contracting with TSA and hire independent screeners.   Legally they can do that.

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