Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Veggie Tales- Catholic friendly

My child is driving me crazy.  My body hurts.  I hope that you will forgive my blathering and multiple posts.  I need a mommy break. 

My child threw up this afternoon.  I'm thinking it's allergies because he seems fine now.  But now you know why I'm going a little nuts.  That and he keeps asking to play the Wii.  I figured after the vomiting thing he should take it easy and watch his favorite Veggie Tale (for the upteenth time).  We don't own it so I upload it from Netflix and watch it via the Wii, which is why he's insisting on playing it.  Does he like other toys?  Not really.  He'd rather be on the computer or the Wii all day long.

His favorite Veggie Tale is King George and the Ducky.  Today after watching it for the millionth time, I realized that even though Veggie Tales is hugely Evangelical/Protestant, they threw a curve ball in about the sacrament of confession.

Yes, Veggie Tales does ordinarily cater to it's Catholic audience with titles like St. Nicholas.  This is definitely not evangelical since evangelicals don't use saints when referring to St. Paul or St. Peter or St. Thomas or well...you get the idea.

But here it was a story about not being selfish and then there's this whole confession scene.  Let me explain more fully.  In the story, King George covets his neighbor's ducky to the point of stealing it.  It's a Veggie-take on the story of King David and Bathsheba.  King George steals the ducky and sends it's owner to the front lines.  Then a wise-man, in other words, a priest or confessor shows up and corrects King George.  King George is shown that what he did was wrong.  What does the wise man tell him to do?  Pray and ask God to forgive his sin and then "make it right" with the former ducky owner.

So this is very much like confession.  You go to your confessor usually aware of some sin, but sometimes not and the confessor may know or prompt you to remember something you've done wrong.  Or you may just be talking or asking for advice when they tell you you've sinned.  You're confessor rightly tells you to ask God for forgiveness (act of contrition) and to "make things right" (penance) which would mean returning the stolen item and asking for forgiveness.

And here it is laid out in Veggie Tale fashion for the evangelical/protestant crowd to see.  So why is confession such an oddity and unnecessary act to so many other Christian groups?  Clearly the Bible and Veggie Tales agree that you have to make amends as well as as for God's forgiveness.  Which is what the Catholic church (among a few others) says that you should do formally.

Is Veggie Tales still an evangelical-leaning production company or has Veggie Tales crossed the Tiber and has Catholic leanings.  What do you think?

Also to be noted: I don't let HB watch Pistachio because the theology there I disagree with.  Honoring your parents doesn't mean you do what they tell you when it's wrong in other words to strictly obey.  They make it out to be black and white when it isn't that way in real life.  Pistachio is about the only Tale that I don't let him watch.

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  1. Nice! I haven't seen either of those... Kalila refuses to watch any of them other than the Sumo of the Opera, for some reason that one's ok lol. I like the series though, its cute :-)


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