Friday, November 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes- My All Time Favorite Religious Flicks

Decided to include a list of fictional and nonfictional religious characters from movies that I enjoy. Some of these movies are oldies but goodies and some are more recent. Hope that you enjoy sitting down and watching some over Advent while thinking about the religious people in our lives.

1) The Bells of St. Mary's- Stars Ingrid Bergman and Bing Crosby.   A fictional story about a nun and a priest trying to save a falling apart Catholic School

2) The Trouble with Angels- Staring Haley Mills This movie is a fictional story about two girls sent off to an all-girls Catholic boarding school, St. Francis's, and all the trouble they cause while there.

3) The Song of Bernadette- Story about St. Bernadette who saw visions of the BVM.  She later joined the Sisters of Charity

4) Molokai: the Story of Father Damien- This one came out recently and quickly became a favorite of mine.  It's the story of Father Damien, later St. Damien, who ministered to the lepers on Molokai in Hawaii.

5) The Sound of Music- Loosely based on the von Trapp family.  The main character wanted to become a nun and there are several minor characters who are also nuns.

6) Pope John Paul II- This is about the life of Pope John Paul II from his early days before becoming a priest to his rise to the papacy

7)  Into Great Silence- Documentary film about the cloistered Carthusian monks who dwell in the French alps.  The monks speak French and the movie is subtitled in German and English.

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