Friday, November 11, 2011

7 Random Quick Takes

1) So I'm totally ignoring my family.  I sorta have been every evening for the past few days.  It's probably because at this point in pregnancy I'm constantly being reminded that I'm never alone.  Hubby started grumbling after being home about an hour about having to play with HB.  I just don't get it.  He also got upset with me from heading off to "my cave."  I suppose it's that only child syndrome rearing it's ugly head.  Even my mid-wife told my husband that he basically needed to get over living in a messy house for a while.  She was nicer about it.  I suppose when you have 10 kids like she does she can say stuff like that to Hubby and he'll listen.

2) Thought this was pretty cute.  A mom used her kid to recreate movie scenes.  My favorite is Close Encounters with the Third Kind because it's totally a kid thing to sculpt stuff out of a mound of mashed potatoes.

3) Not sure what to make of this blogger's post.  I've put my comment on the back burner so I can tactfully think of something to say.  On the one hand, I agree that equating spanking as a Christian form of punishment is dumb.  There are plenty of other religious and non-religious families who spank.  However, I think he dismisses what the Pearl's advocate without actually knowing anything about them.  He says "The Pearls want what every parent wants: children who are good."  Sure but at what cost; does deciding it's okay to spank a child who is 6 months old with a switch make a child who lacks that kind of cognitive understanding okay?  I mean they don't even have object permanence at 6 months of age.  They can't even remember not to do something they've already been swatted for.  And what sense does it make to swat a 6 month old child for doing something normal like crying?  Again not sure what to say about the post.  I'm sure if he knew the truth he too would be horrified.

4) Happy Saint Martin de Tours Day!  "I am a solider of Christ.  I cannot fight."  I don't celebrate Veteran's Day.  This has caused a lot of controversy in the past with various people, but I'm a conscientious objector who doesn't support the training of people in order to kill other people.  My brother is in the military, in case you're curious.   I haven't spoken to him about his decision, but I'm sure he knows that I don't support it.

5) I have two more days (well less than that) until I'm "Go for Launch."  I don't think anyone in this house has really begun to realize this.  I know I haven't fully grasped this until today at the Chiro's when the receptionist asked me how far along I was and I told her almost 9 months.  She gasped.  Of course I had to explain the whole "they count what month you're in and not how many you've completed" spiel.  I know Hubby hasn't figured it out yet.  He told his family that we would not be coming out for Thanksgiving because "the third trimester has been hard on DF because DF has been sick."  No mention of the more important reason that I could go into labor at any point in time from now.  No mention that he hasn't got any vacation time.  Yeah, blame it on me and my "pregnancy pains."  Now you see why I'm hiding in "my cave" and am super snappy at the moment.

6)  They turned the heat on yesterday.  Ugh!  It's not even that cold and I'm hugely pregnant.  Needless to say I turned the thermostat down as much as possible since we can't even turn it off (I swear they need to upgrade to digital) and put on fans.  I met someone who told me that she lived here her whole life and hates the cold weather.  This is cold?  A high in the late 60s, early 70s is cold?  I miss Tucson.  It has better weather.

7) My child is obsessed with Veggie Tales.  He sings the theme song.  When they sing "It's Time for Veggie Tales" he bursts out with the correct pitch an "Ah" and then gives a raspberry at precisely the cymbal crash (when Larry falls over).  He knows most of the silly songs.  I've created a monster. 

Uh, Oh.  (Or Uh, OO.  As HB says) My MIL just called.  Sounds like bad news.  I guess I better get out of "my cave."

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