Saturday, November 12, 2011


So Hubby and I went to some marriage building thingy at church.  It was totally Hubby's idea.  I was opposed to it because it meant 1) we had to bring something for HB to eat while someone else watched him fortunately at the church, my old church never had child care for events like this, which didn't make sense 2) I would have to sit for long periods of time, which would be total torture 3) I would have to get "touchy feely" with my emotions which are all over the map anyway and 4) taking your husband who makes fun of virtually everything including religious stuff to a religious function where there would be mass amounts of prayer and....and Eucharistic Benediction and Adoration spelled disaster in my mind.

So why did I go?  I was guilt tripped into it.  Oh, there's this wonderful couple there who are willing to watch HB for you while you're in labor that want to meet you.  And oh, we can make friends with other couples who have kids because our church has a plethora of young couples with kids HB's age.  Did I mention that I'm not too good at social gatherings particularly large ones?  I think I've said it before, I'm totally socially awkward.

Okay.  Fine.  I'll take my uncomfortable self and endure a few hours of physical torture because my husband actually wants to go to a religious function that doesn't just involve food.  Call it a twisted version of "offering it up."

So how was it?  Not as torturous as I envisioned.  We did meet the couple who have four kids and live relatively close.  We didn't get to talk too them much.  The wife was busy corralling their 10 month old and the husband was one of the people putting on the event.  We did meet another couple who also have a two year old.  And Hubby did the whole "wanna set-up a play-date" thing and exchanged numbers with each.

The shocker to me was the Eucharistic Benediction and Adoration.  I was cringing that my husband would detest sitting there and since I love Adoration, I didn't want to hear anything remotely negative or bad jokes.  But it ended and he said he liked it.  In fact, he said he'd never been to one before.  Why I didn't realize that, I have no idea.  I mean Hubby was raised Baptist.  All the Baptist services I've ever heard of usually involve talking.  He said he liked it because it was quiet.  In fact, I had to tell him afterwards (because I had to wave off his whispered questions), that Adoration is more quiet than Mass (or at least it's supposed to be.  The spontaneous prayer coming from the other coordinator made it very difficult for this contemplative Catholic to settle in.  I guess that's what's going to happen when you put a Charismatic Catholic in the same room with a Contemplative Catholic.  Bound to get friction.)

Oh, Hubby says.  I thought it was more like Mass where you can whisper a little if you need to.  Nope.  Not supposed to say anything.  It's all about the silence.  Hence this Contemplative Catholic's love of Adoration.  Well, I really enjoyed it, he says to me.  While I pick my jaw up from the floor.

In fact, he told me that he was willing to go to Mass with me weekly "since you like it and it makes it easier on you right now with HB and all."  His thoughts were that when he was Baptist he basically spent his entire Sunday at church listening to hour long sermons twice and had Bible study or Sunday school too.  If you're Catholic, you go to one service for an hour with only a 15 minute sermon.  He figures he can deal with that kind of "torture."  I asked him if he was getting sick or something.  "No, I'm serious.  Besides.  It's good to be social and meet people."  Sounds like he's courting Mass to mingle.

But whatever gets him in the door, I will not stand in the way of the Almighty's methods.  I have heard of stranger things happening to people by way of their baptism even from those who had no idea that they were even baptized Catholic.  Hubby at least knows that he's been baptized.  And he's been baptized twice: Catholic and then Baptist (since they didn't recognize his infant baptism). 

And since Hubby's religious experience has always been that religious functions are also social occasions and ways to meet people, then this quiet Contemplative Catholic will learn to talk more at Church.  If Hubby thinks we can meet people through Church and that keeps him going, then so be it.  I am worried, however, that once we make friends he may stop.  Of course, then those friends will be Mass-attending Catholics so he'll at least feel compelled to go from forces other than myself, our children, and the Holy Spirit (who don't seem to deliver quite the 1-2 punch that meeting people does).

Oh, Saint Monica, however did you win over your husband's heart?  I seem to lack the patience.  Saint Monica is vastly becoming my go-to Saint for the conversion of Hubby's soul.

Anyways...thought I would share a little bit of tidbits about Catholicism (how about the fact that a Jesuit came up with the Big Bang Theory or that we have the Vatican Observatory)  Okay just watch the video.

Or for my Polish Speaking relatives (yes, I have Polish speaking relatives and Hubby has German ones but there's no German video).

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