Thursday, November 17, 2011

Extreme Frustration Update

I should probably clarify that my extreme frustration was not with Hubby.  It may have been easy to conclude that he was the cause of it, but ultimately the reason for my frustration was that I thought that I was loosing it a little.  Did I seriously misinterpret a whole conversation?  Did I imagine things?  At this hormonal "go for launch" stage, anything is possible and therefore my usual "good at remembering everything" self started to have self-doubt.  Hubby admits that he cannot multi-task.  If he has to do some task and hold a conversation, something will inevitably go wrong.  That's why I can't talk to him very much in the car.  He either will miss a turn or he will forget anything said.  Maybe it's a male thing. 

So was I correct or did the hormones that cause a person to be hyper-focused on one thing kick into gear?  I was correct.  The couple did say they would watch HB while I was in labor, and Hubby did miss that entire conversation despite standing right next to me while it happened. 

I'm happy to say that I am not crazy.  And that's a relief because everything else at the moment is.  I have to start cooking a ton and pack my bags and tell my baby it's time to come out (I think the ob is a little hookey for thinking that that's going to work).  And work on baptismal stuff and e-mail people.  and...well you get the point.

As for the baby, the ob asked me if I've had any contractions, Braxton-Hicks or pressure waves.  "No."  "Not even one?"  "No, never had any with my oldest either."  "Oh."  Sorry, lady.  You may be delivering a baby right before Christmas.  Sorry to spoil your holiday.  I've felt some pressure on my cervix, but that's normal.  My whole bottom is swollen and puffed out too.  But no water breakage, no spotting (so I imagine my cervix isn't very open), and no alas no pressure waves.  I'm thrilled that I get more time and perhaps an uneventful Thanksgiving.

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  1. Glad you got that worked out!

    Did I miss something w/ the whole midwife/Ob situation?


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