Sunday, November 6, 2011

March of Dimes and Margret Sanger

I haven't been blogging much.  My back has been killing me so naturally I haven't wanted to do much sitting and blogging for any amount of time.  I've been so neglectful lately that I haven't e-mailed anyone.  I just read it and my brain goes "der dader dader" and won't work right.  I'm hoping that the chiropractor tomorrow can relieve some of this pain because if it isn't my back than it's my hip. 

But I thought that despite the pain I would give this a bit of a whirl since it's been a while for me and usually I post something once a day.

Yesterday was just one of those days where things kinda "spoke" to me.  I dropped Hubby at work and took HB that morning to a consignment sale at my parish.  It was kids and maternity.  I got a couple of toys for HB and some shirts for the summer even though it's turned a little chilly around here.  I managed okay despite feeling like my hip was going to pop out of joint of something.  We later picked Hubby up and I felt inspired to get them shoes.  You see my husband bikes into work and he's hard on his shoes.  My son is growing so he needed new shoes too.  So off we went to the shoe store where I bought HB a pair of converse shoes made in Vietnam.  Yes, I'm not a fan of Vietnam, but I'm more interested in protesting China.

The point...yes.  Well the store was taking donations for the March of Dimes.  You know that organization geared toward helping fund research into prematurity and birth defects.  While controversial to some, they take a neutral position on the abortion issue.  Anyways we went to the register to pay for the shoes and there were several stuffed beanie babies wearing premature infant diapers, which resembled maxi pads.  There was also two pictures one of an infant born after only 24 weeks gestation and another picture of the same boy at age 5 walking with the aid of crutches. 

It was totally amazing to me and I told HB that his little brother is much bigger than that baby in the picture.  I also remembered a discussion not to long ago on the blog Shameless Popery that I got into with a clearly pro-abortionist.  He tried to make the case that unless an unborn infant can live outside the womb they are not really human and can be aborted.  Something about needing to be conscious and aware and self-sustaining.  At the time I was horrified that this person basically said that my unborn child was not human and could be aborted, in his opinion, up until the 28th week of life.  I explained to him that there have been a number of cases where children survive much earlier than that (he said it was likely due to IVF and other fertility treatments therefore they were older "embryos").  And that with technology always improving the odds of even younger gestation infants surviving are increasing.  I also mentioned that our research into the unborn is still advancing.  We've only recently discovered that even unborn children as young as 30 weeks gestation have memories.

So when I saw this picture of the boy at 24 weeks and now 5 years walking around with aid, I wanted to jump up and down and do the "I told you so, you moron" dance.  Here was a picture of living proof that this pro-abortionist is burying his head in the sand.  This tiny person was born before 28 weeks and lived and is thriving.  How absurd is it to say that abortions in the 2nd trimester are "okay" because the baby will not survive. 

Fast forward to yesterday evening.  I was up with a case of insomnia and went and looked at some recent news.  A blogger had recently posted an interview between Margret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, and Mike Wallace from 1957 along with commentary.  I watched the interview and anticipated all the remarks the blogger spoke about.  There were two things that absolutely floored me.  I'll talk about it some here and then (because this post is a bit lengthier than I anticipated) I'll post some more in a minute.

Here's the two comments:

WALLACE: Well the natural law they [the Catholic Church] say is that first of all the primary function of sex in marriage is to beget children. Do you disagree with that?

SANGER: I disagree with that a hundred percent.

WALLACE: Your feeling is what then?

SANGER: My feeling is that love and attraction between men and women, in many cases the very finest relationship has nothing to do with bearing a child. It's secondary. Many, many times and we know that --you see your birth rates and you can talk to people who have very happy marriages and they're not having babies every year. Yes, I think that's a celibate attitude..

and this one made my eyes bulge out of my head

WALLACE: Do you believe in sin -- When I say believe I don't mean believe in committing sin do you believe there is such a thing as a sin?

SANGER: I think the greatest sin in the world is bringing children into the world--that have disease from their parents, that have no chance in the world to be a human being practically. Delinquents, prisoners, all sorts of things just marked when they're born. That to me is the greatest sin -- that people can -- can commit..

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