Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Seven Musings

1) Yesterday we went to the dentist for HB.  We've been putting it off.  I got the ad from the bulletin, but didn't realize that we're about equ-distant from each office and it's a bit aways.  The dentist was nice though.  Even gave us a couple of recommendations after we asked for adult dentists in the area.  Commended us on the upkeep of HB's teeth.  The dentist was mostly interested in looking for cavities (ie bottle rot) and broken teeth.  Told us to bring HB again in 6 months for another inspection and wouldn't worry about an actual cleaning until he turned three when apparently he (like many other children) start getting normal tarter build-up.

For those who don't know what bottle rot is, it's basically this (I won't post it since it's so bad).  To prevent it you don't put anything but water in a bottle for baby to sleep with.  You want to diligently clean their teeth and gums as best as possible (chewing is fine for toddlers apparently).  And you want to hold off on sugar foods and particularly liquids.  Our pediatricians asks us every time if we give HB juice, which is really really rare.  Soda is also one to avoid.  A lot of our friends are big into the juice thing and I just tell them we only give him milk or water.  I'm trying hard not to lecture people because it only serves to make them more defiant.  Better to hear it from their own pediatrician than me.  Oh and I should mention that the juice we give HB is minimal because we dilute it heavily with water.  I'll admit that I do share my sodas from time to time with HB.  If we're home, I'll pour out a little for him and save the rest for myself.  It's mostly ice anyway.

2) Chiropractor went well.  My hip is pretty bad as is my back although normal for pregnancy, but what surprised me was my neck.  He said it was swollen and asked me if I'm on the computer a lot.  Not really.  I thought about it later and I do look down at HB when he nurses so that may be the reason.  He gave me an adjustment, but forewarned me that because of my expanding body and shifty ligaments I will hurt again soon.  So he said to come back twice a week for two weeks and once a week for the last two weeks.  He said after giving birth when all the hormones come down he should be able to put me back into place properly.  During the adjustment he popped my neck and then my back twice.  He had me lay through one of those special tables on my stomach (woot!) and then adjusted my hip.  When I got into the car the first thing I noticed was I could turn around and look behind me to back up.  What I've had to do lately is to turn, do a cursory glance, and then rely on the mirrors (which I hate since it's not safe).  But today my hip started misbehaving and as soon as I got home my back bothered me again.  Still it will help put things back into alignment over time.  Also he gave great advice on how to lay down (which I knew from last pregnancy) but also how to sit to keep my hips in better shape and to sit in a chair.  He told me not to elevate my feet, which is totally what they tell you to do to reduce swelling especially after giving birth.  Woops!  I think next pregnancy I am totally going to see a chiro earlier rather than later.  And don't worry he specializes in family care (especially preggos like me).  He has three children.  Kinda a young guy but knows his stuff.

3) This is sort of a series of interesting things I've read recently:  Mississippi voters did not pass the Personhood Amendment.  The Diocese of Jackson (which I used to belong to and had all the sacraments save marriage there) opted to let it fall on the conscious of the parishioners.  There reasoning as stated in the Bishop's letter is because 1)we're pro-life and this is a pro-life stance but 2) if it passed on a state level it would give the federal government the go-ahead to quash it as defined by Roe v Wade.  The Bishops are already taking measures to over-turn Roe v Wade on a federal level and so the amendment could potentially thwart their efforts.  Here's his letter.  I'm not sure what kind of Bishop he is because he was not the bishop I had growing up.

Other groups such as the Episcopal Diocese and United Methodist's opposed the bill.  Oddly the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest congregant-wise denomination in Mississippi, supported the bill.  I say odd because as far as I know the SBC isn't opposed to the use of birth control like the morning-after pill or fertility treatments such as IVF for which this bill would/could limit the use of since the bill says from the moment of conception (which would mean that you can't use the morning after pill since it's purpose it to stop implantation).  Here's an article on it.  

I could say a few nasty things about my quibbles with the SBC since a large part of the harassment I experienced as a Catholic was due to ignorant ministers, but I'll stop myself since I still have a few educated and fair-minded friends who still are apart of that organization (which I wish they weren't).  I was always thankful that they at least knew enough or would be open to listening rather than summarily deciding that I should go to hell since I worshiped statues, the Virgin Mary, prayed to saints, and a whole host of false things that somehow meant I didn't worship Jesus and wasn't a true Christian.  Okay, I guess I did go there.  But I'm not the only one.  My best friend in highschool who was Lutheran (as in started the Protestant Reformation) was told that she was one of those denominations that worshiped the devil by a SBC member.  We had a lot of pleasant comparisons about how we were both going to hell because we weren't SBC.  And now you understand my quibbles.

4) This post popped up into my reading.  It's from a Protestant minister's wife (who actually is interested in Catholicism).  It's about spanking or rather how about two years ago she stopped and why (this is an old post). 

5) Michelle Duggar announces that she's pregnant with baby number 20.   There's also a video explaining how she gets her children to learn how to sit still.  I should mention that she doesn't say anything about spanking.  And she has 19 plus kids.

6) Texas Judge lets his spanking get out of hand.  He does say "beating" and does threaten to "beat her in the face" and to "beat her into submission."  It's actually quite hard to watch and involves a lot of language.  I'm not sure how anyone would actually want to spank their child after that.  I should mention that she also has cerebral palsy. 


Actual Spanking

And this sort of thing happens a lot.  Which is why I have no intention of even using spanking.  As Hubby pointed out "isn't sixteen a little old to be spanking."  And some people draw the line at belts. 

7) Saw this recently.  Really really really gross.

I've been at this McDonald's before (at least it looks familiar the news doesn't give an actual location) and they have a key code to use the bathroom because as the fellow patron told me "of the local highschool across the street."  Maybe I'm a little prejudicial but it's really silly to place restrictions on using the bathroom simply because of hs students.  Isn't that just another form of age discrimination to say that because they are in hs they are delinquents?   Some of the students I taught were also tired of being harassed because teenagers get a bum rap.  Yeah, not really fair.  Should mention that the McD's rules say nothing about bringing food into the play areas only to remove your shoes.  I think they need to update those.

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