Friday, November 25, 2011

Shameless Black Friday Request

So a while back ago I mentioned something about a virtual baby shower.  Well I compiled a list of items and discovered that there's really only one thing needed.  It's ironic really since this one necessary item is something that I write a weekly blog/column about for another website.  You'd think after being a long time breastfeeding mom whose nurses while pregnant, plans on tandem nursing, and promotes breastfeeding vigilantly (see right side bar to get the idea) that I would own at least a manual one, but alas no.  I do not own a breast pump.  I thought that I could get away from owning one, but after shelling out some dough on renting a hospital grade pump, I could have put my money to better use on a down payment for my own pump.

Well the hospital grade accessories I own are for a Medela, which is supposedly the best breast pump on the market.  The problem is that Medela hasn't bothered trying to comply with the WHO's International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes.  Basically the Code is rather lengthy and discusses how companies should be making every effort to support breastfeeding and not infant formula etc.  Medela's statement says" We also ask that you evaluate Medela’s dedication to breastfeeding, as well as that of other manufacturers, not solely on Code-compliance."  They basically talk a big game without acknowledging how much money they funnel into promoting the use of bottles as opposed to breasts.

There is hope.  One company, Hygeia, is completely code compliant.  The breast pumps made by Simplisse, Lansinoh, and Ameda are owned by three different bottle manufacturing companies, who are not code compliant.  The International Lactation Consultant Association lists Simplisse and Lansinoh as being code compliant and will most likely also list Ameda.  These three companies follow the codes despite their parent company not doing so.

So what's a girl to do?  Well obviously avoid Medela like the plague and go with another company.  I chose Ameda since it's got great reviews as being a good breast pump even in the face of Medela's reputation.  Plus it's reasonably priced.

So I humbly ask that this Black Friday you drop a couple bucks in the bucket for an Ameda Purely Yours Breast pump.  Call it a baby shower/Christmas gift.  The pump only cost 159.95 without all the fancy do dads that I really don't need.  This is less than Medela's version, in case your curious.

What do you get out of the deal?  Lots of articles showing off the pump and petitions to Our Lady of Le Leche (aka the Blessed Virgin Mary) on any subject related to breastfeeding.  Want better nursing in public protection?  Need some help with a breastfeeding problem?  Trying to get a friend to consider nursing instead of infant formula?  Then I'm your prayer buddy.

Just hit the donate button below or on the right side bar and drop a couple bucks in the bucket.  Muchos Gracias!

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