Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You can't change your dna

I watched the finale of Dancing with the Stars or rather parts of it.  I usually like to watch it, but this season I've had reservations about watching a very large "man" sweat it on the dance floor.  When she was shone, my husband had been making remarks about if he knew who any of the celebrities were or rather telling the difference between the professional dancers and celebrities.  His remark was this exactly "well, he's definitely a celebrity.  He doesn't even look like a dancer."

My response:  Well, he's not a man.  He's a woman.

*several stars emerge*

Hubby:  No, not that one.  I was talking about that large guy before.

Me:  Yes, dear I know.  But that's a woman.

My point was that even though Chaz/Chastity Bono appears to be a man when fully clothed.  She is in fact a woman having still got her female parts, but more importantly by dna.

I admit that I'm biased.  I enjoy being a woman and have no desire whatsoever to try and somehow change that.  I can't understand why Chastity feels more herself as Chaz.  But..

See there's this tricky thing about dna.  You can change your outward appearance, but if you had your dna tested, it would say that you're either a man or a woman.  Dang those nasty chromosomes.  It's impossible to truly alter your gender because dang it, your dna cannot be altered.

So Chastity Bono and I share one thing in common.  We are women because we have two X chromosomes and that's not something that you can pretend away.

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