Monday, December 12, 2011

Anything Yet?

Nope, nothin'.  I've had a few preliminary contractions yesterday but nothing to write home about.  Went to the birthcenter for a check up.  Nothing to write home about that either.  The ob is confident that I should go into labor before the weeks out (although we made all the necessary appointments and got the info for the fetal monitoring which they make you do at 41 weeks).  The midwife from last weeks appointment forewarned me that it may mean that I go all 42 weeks and end up as a hospital induction. 

As Hubby says he likes the midwife better.  "She's definitely cooky, but I don't know, the ob seems fake." 

In case you're confused, the ob and the midwife are two different people that own the one birth center.  They tag team all their clients since they switch off who's on call.  Which is why one week I visit the midwife and the other other the ob.  The ob is an ob, a medically trained obstetrician doctor.  The midwife is a licensed midwife (LM).  She's been a midwife for a long time.  Every time I mention the midwife's name, people know who I'm talking about.  Mention the ob, and they give me a blank stare.  I think the ob got into holistic birthing later in the game.

So usually Hubby and I smile and nod at the ob and take what she says in stride.  Not that she's horrible or anything, I think she's just working through her own garbage (judging by the conversations we've had).  The midwife has 10 kids (yes, 10) so she's the one I listen too especially when she says having two changes things.

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