Tuesday, December 20, 2011

birth story

I apologize if my typing is off since I'm typing one handed.  So you know the beginning of the story and we'll start where I left off.

7:00 am- call midwife/ob, ob answers page and says to eat a big breakfast and call family for HB touch base in an hour

7 ish- Hubby feeds HB gets him ready and drops him off, I labor on couch by self for about 20 minutes

8:00- call ob who asks if want to come in, I say not sure, speak to midwife who says go ahead

9:00- get to birthing center, immediately hop in huge birthing pool which only has cold water in it because there is another lady (who arrived at 7 am) next door and feel so much better they add hot boiled hot water later

9:00 ish- midwife pushes through two doses of antibiotics in a small iv through my hand for about half an hour (I was Strep B positive and elected to do this rather than retest)

Labor the rest of the time, while they feed me and keep me hydrated (minus IV which they took out after done)

11:30- Hubby goes and gets lunch

around 12:00- labor becomes more intense even in pool of warm water (which made labor like nothing), Hubby comes back and scarfs sandwich, midwife suggests checking me, I think I'm now in active labor, she says more like close to transition, tells us could be one more contraction could be two hours before baby is born

12:30- transition really happening, I get no relief between contractions, start crying and screaming too (poor lady next door), suddenly shift into pushing feels like I'm giving birth to a pineapple and things burn, but I get relief between each contraction where the midwife's assistance talks me down to relaxing state, At this point I start contemplating drugs but remember that it's a little late in the game for that so I decide to suck it up and just push at each contraction (the things that get people through pain) transition was way worse than pushing because all the contractions just kept coming at once

midwife in tub with me going in blind (blood in tub) water breaks during pushing,

12:58- Baby pushed out, at this point told to turn around, I had been laboring most of the time on my knees and using my arms to rest between contractions on side of tub, the midwife was behind me

And there he was...I didn't really recognize him as being mine.  Let me explain.  HB looks like Hubby.  He looked like Hubby when he was born.  Hubby's family nose, blond peach fuzz mostly bald hair.  This baby doesn't remotely look like that so I was a little confused at first because that's what I figured I'd get (more of the same).  But then it took a minute for me to realize why he didn't look like HB or Hubby because who I was looking at was well....the male version of me.  Brown full head of hair and small nose.  I guess the person I couldn't really recognize was me.  Make sense?

Anyways...hands him over to me (after Hubby said he took an accidental dip in the water as the midwife was trying to stand up).  They then lift me over the side of the tub to deliver the placenta which took a couple of contractions so she went ahead and tied off the chord early.

Then she later retied off the chord so the stump was shorter and stitched me up. 

Would I do a birth center birth again?  Hell, yes!!!  I feel so much better.  No crazy monitors going all the time.  Got to eat so my blood sugar was stable.  With HB is was a full 24 hours without food.  Low lighting.  Always someone in the room with me even when Hubby went and got lunch.  Always someone helping me to the toilet.  So I felt so much better without all the adrenaline.  Got to go home and be with HB soon after. 

The after affects continue.  No swelling.  Apparently they use too many IV fluids during hospital stuff and so I swelled real bad.  Nothing like that now.  Less lochia (don't know why).  Only one stitch from small tear as opposed to episitomy that was given without my consent.  I'm having to slow myself down because I know that I need to really heal, but I don't hurt as much as last time.  I also feel better since I'm not pregnant anymore.  I have a lot more will power.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing (and congratulations!!!). I'm so glad you got to do a birth center birth!

  2. Congratulations again! And I'm so happy that you got the drug free birth you were hoping for! I too reveled in the easy recovery and lack of swelling. I'd do it that way again in a heartbeat.


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