Tuesday, December 20, 2011


What's going on now?  HB has a cold so we're having to keep the brothers at safe distances (did some tandem nursing before he showed symptoms yesterday).  Having to wash our hands and change shirts between handing children.  Slowly getting through errands.  Probably not going to go to Christmas Mass (major bummer) because I know it will be packed and am afraid of Brothie (pronounced Bru-thee, rhymes with Lovie) getting sick especially since HB already is.

Have had some baby blues but nothing like the PPD I had last time.  I've realized that when I need to eat really makes a difference on my disposition.  I tend to get stressed and cry a bit when I'm hungry.

Have had some engorgement.  Plan on using a pump soon.  Also hope to get Hubby to take over a feeding so I can get some extra sleep. 

Brothie's disposition totally different.  He's more content.  Has normal sleep, alert, drowsy cycles.  Unlike HB lets me put him down and use the bathroom.  Doesn't cry very much at all.  So we've been able to put him in the swing thus giving me a little break.  Figure as soon as Hubby cleans up the bassinet (there's a lot of things we should have done ahead of time but didn't.  Oh well), we can use it for part of the time too especially since bending to strap Brothie in is a little rough on my back.

Have hip issues as my joints go back in place.  Pulled a ton of muscles.  Realize now that I need to lift my arms and stretch them out periodically or they lock up and I can't lift them above my head.  And naturally my bottom parts are sore.

Those frozen meals have given Hubby a lot more time to wash and clean stuff.  We've switched over to cloth yesterday after Brothie's poo turned bf consitancy and he started peeing on me (the boy pees a ton).  At pedi's office, he peed through my skirt and on the floor.  Love cloth.  No more leakage.

Overall very happy and thrilled and love my family lots.

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