Friday, December 9, 2011

The Duggard's Miscarriage and Male Fertility

I read some sad news yesterday about the Duggards' miscarriage of their 20th child at 24 weeks gestation.  The media reports that the Duggards plan on naming the child and are preparing for burial. 

I also read some nasty comments about the whole affair.  People really have no heart.  They range from things like "sew that B*****'s hole up" to "I don't care if they can support 19.  Doesn't she realize what harm she's causing?" to "didn't she learn the last time"  Yeah, no heart at all. 

What I did notice in comment after comment was Michelle was the prime target.  Everything fell on Michelle.  It was Michelle's fault that her 19th child was in intensive care.  It was Michelle's fault that she got pregnant again.  It was Michelle who didn't learn her lesson.  It was Michelle who needs to wise up.

To me this is just a reminder how far our world has come.  Just like that commercial by Dodge and the comments that followed.  People seem to put all fertility and child bearing solely on that of the woman.  I don't understand this.  It just isn't biologically possible for a woman to fertilize herself.  So why isn't the man equally blamed?

Simple, I watched a news report back a while discussing the male version of the pill.  The news did a simple poll asking how people felt about it and an overwhelming number of people including women felt that they could not trust a man to remember to take it.  In other words, in our contraceptive mentality planet, fertility and reproductive responsibility is a woman thang.  Men don't have to take responsibility.  All they have to do is enjoy themselves and the rest is the woman's fault if she gets pregnant.

It's utterly irresponsible and distasteful.  It's turning women into basically unpaid prostitutes.  And if that wasn't bad enough, it's affecting the most innocent among us~ the unborn.

Along with the Duggards' bad news, I read a small piece about a PA veterinarian who murdered his mistress because she was pregnant.  She was in her first trimester.  Fortunately, the vet was convicted of two counts (yes two since we have laws that protect the unborn from unauthorized murder) of 1st degree murder.  He's also married (hence the reason why she was his mistress and didn't want her to be pregnant).  Not only was this man totally insane, but it begs the question, if he didn't want her to get pregnant why did he have sex with her?  I realize that men don't spontaneously spawn children either, but obviously he didn't want to deal with the consequences of having an affair.  Sorry, Mr. Vet, I would have thought by treating animals that you would have learned some basic biology.  In other words, having sex leads to...babies!!!

  Will people ever learn?  Or are they trying to kid themselves that women are the sole bearers of fertility?  It's simple really.  If you don't want to have a baby, don't have sex.  Even the Church says if married couples wish to abstain for whatever reason, they are free not to have sex.  I think that's something they should be teaching kids in all those health classes.  I think STD prevention is important, but what about fertility common sense?


  1. It's so sad. Most of the comments I've been reading are just sickening...

    I read something a while back that said that when they were testing the pill, they originally were testing a version on men, and another on women. Women were dying as a result of the unsafe hormone levels. Some men had swollen scrotums as a result. They cancelled the testing on men, but continued testing on women. I can't remember where I read it though. I think it was on a Catholic blog about the down side of the pill, that got into the history of it...

  2. Interesting article on the timeline of the Pill.

    The main conclusion is that there were some early concerns about death, but nothing was definitive.

    There's also more here.

    Outside of the concern over the safety of the Pill, that article is quite interesting. I never knew the government had laws against birth control in the '50s.

  3. I also should have mentioned that prior to the Pill, there wasn't much government regulation on any drug. In fact, concerns over the Pill are what led to the government taking a more active role in the regulation of drugs.

  4. That is very interesting. Still if there were any deaths related to the pill, I wouldn't be surprised. Right now there are a number of women who have nearly died from blood clots related to YAZ. It's so bad that the main stream media has covered it for a couple of days now and the FDA has ruled that more stringent warnings need to be put on the label.


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