Saturday, December 31, 2011

Itchy, Itchy

So my week has been...interesting.  We've pretty much gotten over the colds.  I didn't get it, but well...that will come to bite me later.  Brothie has a new nickname from his brother who is both attempting to sign and say his name.  It's Knee.  I don't know why, but that's what he's saying.  Brothie has also gained back his birth weight and then some.

I've been pumping every morning mass quantities considering I couldn't pump more than an ounce or two with HB.  It's beautiful and well timed...

So Brothie has a yeast infection :(  although it doesn't seem to bother him.  We've had to stop using cloth and go back to paper diapers because of the cream.  The directions specifically say to stop using "plastic pants" the old fashioned wording for cloth diapers.

Then I started breaking out into hives.  Yes, hives.  I itch everywhere...I went to the doctor yesterday who gave me a steroid.  And I specifically asked him and the pharmacist about it's affect on breastfeeding and they said it does pass through but shouldn't hurt Brothie.  So I took it this morning....later on Brothie cried out in pain for a few hours.  So I pulled out the pumped stuff and we've been feeding that to him.  Tomorrow it should be out of my system (and probably tonight even because the itching has returned) and then I'll wait til Monday to see if there's something else.  Incidentally it doesn't affect HB whatsoever who has reveled in my allowing him to relieve me.

The doctor thinks its an allergic reaction (and no, I haven't switched shampoos/soaps/laundry detergents/etc etc it's something not obvious to me).  He said that this steroid should get to go away permanently but if not then they will order an allergy test panel (oh, joy.  pin pricks galore).  He also tested me for valley fever, which is common in Tucson and starts out as itching, but didn't think it was that.

So tonight my MIL, hubby, and I drank beer for the New Year (my MIL is here helping out since Hubby returned to work this week).  And I took a fantastic dip in colloidal oatmeal.  I'm still itching but I love the smell anyway.  I would take a benadryl (which helps too) but the beer needs to wear off first. 

Hope your New Year is considerably less itchy than ours.

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