Friday, December 23, 2011

sicky, sicky

everyone here has a cold including the baby.  suck.  I think that I'm getting it too.  and so I drown myself in tears due to lack of sleep until God delivers that famous one-two punch: blessings and guilt.  So here's my list of blessings for the week.

1) I died and went to Pei Wei heaven- Our meals have been rolling in from the church group and one lady didn't have time to cook so she got take-out.  "Is that okay?"  Is that okay? Of course it is!  She bought us three meals, spring rolls, two huge cookies, and....and crab ragoon.  I died and went to Pei Wei heaven.  And even though we are tired and too poor for anything but panda express's two entree dinner with our extra free entree because we took the survey- shared amongst the three of us, we are grateful. 

2) Special thanks to our next meal which was an Italian dinner with salad, garlic bread, and homemade desserts

3) My youngest's godmother (we were able to work that dilemma out amicably so now its one of my friends) sent us warm clothing for the kids (didn't forget my eldest either) from a children's place.  had perfect timing since sleep deprived me was going through a melt down when ups showed up.  love that woman.

4) sleep- after not being able to handle it any more, hubby ran and got some formula because pumping is abysmal and let me sleep from ten to five.

5) after glorious sleep I pumped out six wonderful ounces (the most ever) and fed the baby who spit up a lot on me.  the nurse told us to limit his sessions and keep him upright for a while afterwards.  guess I shouldn't have offered the other breast.  froze some in case I need more sleep later.  love hubby. 

6) and he's covered in snot.  but no fever and as long as we use a squeegy (bulb thingy) periodically he breathes fine.  Otherwise we'd be making trips to the er.  so far so good.

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  1. Prayers! What a blessing to have a newborn this holiday season, but definitely some challenges in there as well. :) Sounds like you're hanging in there just fine, though. We did a little early formula too, for this very reason. Sometimes you just need a break. And it didn't have any effect on our nursing relationship. Enjoy these precious moments!


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