Thursday, December 8, 2011


So based on MK's predictions, the full moon is due one day before my due date.  That would be Saturday.  It would be nice, but I don't know...

EE (Elizabeth Esther) is calling for a petition to ask Amazon to remove the Pearl's books.  I've seen petitions like this before over things like calling for a ban on books advocating pedophilia.  And while I understand the intent is to protect the most vulnerable and innocent members of society, I am not an advocate for censorship.  Knowledge is power.  Knowing what evil lies are being told helps us combat the Dark One.  I have mixed feelings about what one should expose themself too.  Everyone knows how far reading something that awful can make them more vulnerable to his evil whispers.  And everyone knows how it's important to stare down evil and not let it penetrate them.  I've read Pullman's the Golden Compass series.  I've also read the Ezzo's books.  Why did I read that stuff?  Because knowledge is power.  Knowing what my children may be subjected to out in the real world is important.  I don't want to shelter my children.  I want to arm them and make them battle ready.

Of course some of EE's most cherished followers don't understand what censorship means because a few of them have already said that she's not calling for censorship.  No, she's not advocating censorship on a government level.  She is however asking one of the largest distributors of books to ban the books which is a form of censorship.  Anytime a person asks for the written works to be removed they are calling for censorship.  Censorship has become a dirty word in our lexicon associated with communism.  But if you think about it, the Catholic Church has censored it's members, in the past, from exposing themselves to bad translations of the Bible.  And the Catholic Church is not a government entity (although it has the Vatican).  But whatever....people really need to think before they post.

Today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  I went to Mass last night for the Vigil.  I was reading the missal and I love that it was talking about us having to put more of our trust in God.  There was a question that said along the lines of In what ways do we need to trust God in our lives?  This hit me pretty hard as I'm anxiously waiting for labor to start.  So alright, God, I'll be patient as best as I can.

But let's have a laugh, shall we?  I love Colbert.  I will warn you that he is a satirist so please, don't take him seriously.


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